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Thread: Pc new player looking for groups

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    Pc new player looking for groups

    uk based pc player looking to join groups for fun

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    Hello Twi5ted.

    Check out AWE. Link to our wing is in my signature.

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    Cmdr, feel free to come and join us at The Fatherhood

    We may be a large group, but it doesn’t feel like it, we have a good family feel going on

    Good luck and whichever group you choose, fly safe!

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    Since you are looking for the Alliance player group I assume.
    I would like to invite you to check Terran Colonial Forces and join the Alliance.

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    The Patriarchs are a Community Open to ALL Platforms, designed with the Working Man in mind. We are a Casual gaming community for Husbands, Dads, College Guys, and Career Guys simply trying to balance Life, Work, Wife/Girlfriend, Class, and maybe a couple kids. Doesn't matter how you play the game, Exploring the depths of Space, thinning out that nasty nest of Pirates, monitering Thargoid activity, Trading, Mining, or simply shuttling passengers to new destinations.
    The Patriarchs are an in game Minor Faction with the Alliance and are in process of taking over our Home System.
    We understand if you can't always be on or make an event, and with us, it won't be held against you. We're AWESOME like that! Due to our natural casualness, we have very few guidelines:

    1)Be A Guy over 18
    2) Keep Language As PG As Possible (kids could be present)
    3) ‎Join Our Wing on INARA
    4) ‎Use the free Discord App for community discussions.

    If you're interested in joining us, please PM me.

    Fly Safe Commander! o7