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Thread: Help my Charity, Mosaiko Immigrant Centre in Sicily.

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    Originally Posted by babelfisch View Post (Source)
    As much as I hate it, I think you need to go to Twitter and Facebook. Ask David Braben to share the link. Try to get some money from the EU. How long does the campaign run?
    Oh I'm twittering and facebooking and searching for groups and even bombarded New York City just... because... it was a good idea at 3am after a beer. I probably lost my New York City friends that night. It's why I ended up here as well, because... well the ED Community is the one I've been a part of the most over the last x years since the Kickstarter. I was desperate when the campaign started as we've been threatened since the elections. Hell I can't even play ED because I don't have a machine capable of running it since December and big ticket items are off the cards for the near future. Someone suggested I use gofundme to get a new machine, but the minute I realised what was possible, I decided to try and use it to save my kids instead. I'm WAY off my goal, but I'm learning as I go and basically the campaign lasts until I'm forced to turn the key on the door at the centre.

    I'm open to suggestions, hence the glirfullbible, which I thought was a good idea. My buddy said, she knew me, but most people don't.

    Originally Posted by AkenBosch View Post (Source)
    Link in the gofundme page is working good, the one above here looks like it's missing a ":" after the http prefix.

    The glirfullbible has always been on the chinkirlin website, didn't you know this already?
    Works now and thanks

    PS. I suppose, I wouldn't actually do this normally, but I *have* given a lot of support to ED and Frontier over the years. I could ask their community management to tweet and newsletter me, once each.

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    Great work, OP!
    (And, by the way, excellent posts by the OP and babelfisch in this thread.)

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    Originally Posted by Kleitias View Post (Source)
    Great work, OP!
    (And, by the way, excellent posts by the OP and babelfisch in this thread.)
    Thanks, we're still going and nearing the 1st k. Even if we get nowhere near my goal, I'm proud of what my friends have donated.

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