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Thread: Remove a Dead Dinosaur

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    Remove a Dead Dinosaur

    Well... life tried to find a way, but ultimately it didn't succeed with that dinosaur.

    So let's get rid of it...

    First, let's build an ACU Center if you're not done so already.
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    Once built, press T (or click on the building - this is slower).

    You'll need to be on the first tab, called Status.

    At the bottom, there's a little section for the ACU Helicopter and Transport Teams.

    We want transport team.
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    So let's click on that, and a new UI will open up called "Transport Teams".

    Now, we need to click on the dinosaur that is dead. You may need to pan over to where it's dead first!

    Your UI will look like this before you click on the dead dinosaur...
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    Once clicked, you will see this flare appear...
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    After a short duration, you will see this helicopter appear and transport it away.
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    One less dead dinosaur in your park!

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    Thanks Brett. Did not know we can remove dead dinosaurs. I always waited until they rotted away. XD.