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Thread: Isokix "Tower" Bug.

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    Isokix "Tower" Bug.


    All of the time (100%)

    Time of occurrence
    18:20 EDT

    Date of occurrence

    COL 285 SECTOR CV-Y D41 7 E -40.0195 / -135.2316


    Ship Type
    Anaconda then SRV

    I was checking out the "Tower" graphical bug that Isokix found in this video:, and i landed on the top in my Anaconda. After managing to successfully land i found that the POV shifted to above where it normally is from the CMDR's POV and was unable to look downwards at the SRV deployment screen. However, today, i was able to successfully deploy my SRV, and upon doing so was immediately kicked from the game! Now i can't even reload into Open or Solo without seeing an "Connection Error" screen! I've tried uninstalling Horizons and deleting saved data. Nothing worked! Can i be removed from planet to nearest station? Please Help.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Head to COL 285 SECTOR CV-Y D41 7 E -40.0195 / -135.2316.
    2. land on the 'tower'.
    3. Deploy an SRV.
    4. Get kicked.
    5. Fail at loading back in repeatedly.

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    Note to other commanders: Please avoid visiting this site in your SRV as it can cause issues with loading back in to the game! If you end up in this situation please contact customer support who can move you away from the big scary tower so you can get back into the galaxy.

    (I may or may not have experienced this bug myself after I tried to jump an SRV off the top of it...)

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    I think a fast fix could be to log into the game without Horizon to spawn in orbit and then log in again with Horizon to continue playing.
    Would not annoy the marvelous Customer Support as much.