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Thread: Looks like ED is safe from competition until at least 2020

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    If I had a game development company and I was thinking of writing a game that could take players from the Elite: Dangerous community I'd had probably abandoned the idea after watching how crazy is this game community.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Eagleboy View Post (Source)
    How long this urban myth of 'competition forcing devs to do things' and how 'this game will steal this game playerbase' will persist.

    Seriously, people. For majority of time, game competes against other things than other games. Real life, tiredness. Boredom. Other hobbies. Other genre games. Board games. Parties. And that's not counting private stuff. Time with spouses, important friends.

    That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.
    ED is still in a class by itself with accomplishments in combined scope and gameplay other games in the genre still haven't come close to. NMS is currently probably the closest superficially, but most eventually see it for what it really is, another mining survival game wrapped with an extra fudged-space transition layer. If Dual Universe releases, how many who are acclimated to ED will go for the fuzzy voxels of that game? Finally, agreed this myth about somehow "competition" scaring Frontier into working on ED faster and better is mostly nonsense. Remember the "competition" of the NMS infamous release date and later ME:A's release? Well FD stuck to their guns and scheduling albeit delayed perhaps with the PS4 port. They have been working on the game fairly reasonably as "time and resources" have allowed where so much that has changed since horizons is generally taken for granted. So much of the impatience stems, imo , from SC&CIG land where they endlessly proclaimed endless features that would be released "soon" and forever pushing back their stretch "goals" year after year. If it was truly so easy, why is SC still stuck in one system on a few moons,etc. after $188 million? Anyways, thread OP could be implying Frontier feeling "safe" would let ED stagnate for 2019-2020. It was already stated Frontier would announce plans for the next year for ED after Q4 Beyond. I'd bet there's going to be a lot more to come for the future of ED.

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    My guess is Starfield will release Nov 2019. Bethesda don't tend to hang around much after reveals.

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    Well, you know, supposedly this game "won't last another year" (even though it's lasted 3+) unless the PvP community gets catered to specifically.

    Apparently there's some sort of crystal ball involved that we haven't access to.

    Personally, I'm calling on that one, but if some want to commit career suicide because they believe such hype, so be it.

    I'll be checking in after Q4 to see how it actually all pans out.

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    DCS is doing just fine without competition, let's be real here, vehicular oriented sims is a niche genre and such it doesn't really need to have many vendors like in more crowded genres.

    we should not want ED to become SC -trying to please everyone-, I don't see DCS or sim racing fans want their games to become mainstream either.

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    Originally Posted by ilo View Post (Source)
    If you haven't noticed, SC interface is heavily focused on mouse control.. and more and more every time something is added.. It will slowly drift from the joystick, not gonna work at all with VR if they keep that way..
    It doesn't work with VR now. They would need totally redesign the UI and control system in order for VR to work.

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