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Thread: Is it possible to make mouse horizontal axis inverted?

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    Is it possible to make mouse horizontal axis inverted?

    Hey. I'm liking this Elite Dangerous game, but am new to it... and I love using my mouse and keyboard and certainly don't want a joystick. But I typically play games with inverted vertical axis and in 3d flight inverted horizontal too... I move the mouse down and to the right, I want to point up and to the left... but I can only find how to make y-axis on mouse inverted pitch, and no option for horizontal to be inverted yaw... I've tried a couple programs that invert my mouse for my whole computer, and while they do work on my computer, they don't work inside the game. I don't even know of any mice that I could buy that would come reversed or I might just buy one and only use it on Elite Dangerous.

    Is there a setting in this game that allows me to make the mouse x-axis inverted yaw? That is, I move mouse to the right, ship starts turning to the left. I have looked a lot and had no success.

    Failing that or even succeeding that does anyone know of a mouse that has software for it that allows the user to invert their axes? Maybe a really high-end gaming mouse might come with custom re-binding software and the devs just maybe might have added an invert x-axis option? Or some software powerful enough to make my mouse inverted even inside Elite Dangerous?

    p.s. is this game made by the same people who made the old DOS game Privateer?

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    inverted yaw too, are you a real alpha centurian by any chance...………….. they drive on the wrong side of the road too
    looks like only pitch can be inverted on a mouse so using it upside down with inverted pitch and rebinding its buttons to keyboard may be your only option
    and no origin made privateer
    try this maybe

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    Hi Orision,

    I can confirm that STRONTIUM DOG's post is correct (as usual )

    Please do let us know how you get on and i hope that the single inversion is enough for yourself