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Thread: Is it possible to make mouse horizontal axis inverted?

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    Is it possible to make mouse horizontal axis inverted?

    Hey. I'm liking this Elite Dangerous game, but am new to it... and I love using my mouse and keyboard and certainly don't want a joystick. But I typically play games with inverted vertical axis and in 3d flight inverted horizontal too... I move the mouse down and to the right, I want to point up and to the left... but I can only find how to make y-axis on mouse inverted pitch, and no option for horizontal to be inverted yaw... I've tried a couple programs that invert my mouse for my whole computer, and while they do work on my computer, they don't work inside the game. I don't even know of any mice that I could buy that would come reversed or I might just buy one and only use it on Elite Dangerous.

    Is there a setting in this game that allows me to make the mouse x-axis inverted yaw? That is, I move mouse to the right, ship starts turning to the left. I have looked a lot and had no success.

    Failing that – or even succeeding that – does anyone know of a mouse that has software for it that allows the user to invert their axes? Maybe a really high-end gaming mouse might come with custom re-binding software and the devs just maybe might have added an invert x-axis option? Or some software powerful enough to make my mouse inverted even inside Elite Dangerous?

    p.s. is this game made by the same people who made the old DOS game Privateer?

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    inverted yaw too, are you a real alpha centurian by any chance...………….. they drive on the wrong side of the road too
    looks like only pitch can be inverted on a mouse so using it upside down with inverted pitch and rebinding its buttons to keyboard may be your only option
    and no origin made privateer
    try this maybe

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    Hi Orision,

    I can confirm that STRONTIUM DOG's post is correct (as usual )

    Please do let us know how you get on and i hope that the single inversion is enough for yourself

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    Thank you for your responses! “Alpha Centaurian”? That rings an ancient rusty bell, but only so very vaguely… an old DOS game that you… nope that was Solar Winds… Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri? Just installed it, but it’ll be an un-learning curve for me before the learning curve … I give up … what do you mean by “Alpha Centaurian”?

    I’ve been getting on passably in the game for now, but just mining. I’ve gotten frustrated a time or two at all the damned pirates, especially since unless I resolve this mouse issue I’ll never get to have my vengeance! I usually just log because the NPC pirates turn me into very expensive (and so very very angry) dust, and that enrages me because I can’t even attempt to flee because the controls are screwy (for me anyways).

    Just got a Type 7 though! At this rate by the time I solve the mouse issue (or give up and leave the game) I’ll have skipped fighting in all the lesser vehicles and be in an Anaconda or something (I have been googling things a bit though … really want a type 7 refinery … collector limpets are just soooo sloooow … but still faster than manual collection! … especially with horizontal broken for me!).

    But when mining I have to rotate my ship and pitch up or down, and even escape from that thing that pulls you out of FSD is difficult because I have to constantly correct for the mouse…

    I haven’t looked too heavily into mice that will reverse the horizontal axis, just called a good and competent retailer (Memory Express) in the area… apparently it’s a rather unusual question.

    If I am to ever really enjoy the game by getting good at combat, I have to find a solution. I don’t want to use a joystick, and this lack of horizontal inversion is just too hard to overcome AND be decent at combat. Combat must be quick, using reflexes for some parts, and having your ship move as you think, not having to think something like: ‘I must turn left but crap, it doesn’t work right for me so I really need to turn right’. Or worse, ‘I need to go upper-right, but horizontal is broken so I must go upper-left, but wait do I need to correct vertical too NO! I’m going upper left! correct it! no wait I’m going lower left! don’t correct vertical! it’s horizontal that’s broken! Okay good! Going right! Augh it’s lower-right! Correct again! Augh I’m going upper-left again AUGH! I’M SPACE DUST RAUUUUGHGHGH… so, yeah, it’s a super critical issue for me… I think I’ll try to figure out how to put a request in on the developer request forum thingy here.

    Thanks again for your responses!

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    Originally Posted by Orision View Post (Source)
    “Alpha Centaurian………………………... apparently it’s a rather unusual question.
    I just mean that it is quite alien to human behaviour to have yaw inverted as well as pitch "like the real small fury creatures from alpha centauri like it"
    did you try the mouse inverse software in the link I sent too?

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    Thanks for response!

    I think I tried Sakasa: I have the program already downloaded from antheer source and I think I recall trying it. I think it stopped working when I entered the game. I would try again and double-check, but the launcher update is downloading for me right now... and it's taking a bit of a while.

    For me, I learned flight on a mouse simulating a joystick... When in normal 3d shooter I use inverted vertical but not horizontal, but there's an orientation plane (the ground)... that must make the difference, I guess. Odd... I just double checked my settings in Star Wars Battlefront II (an old game, not that new one that came out recently) and I'm only inverted vertically... I could've sworn I was inverted horizontally too... quite odd! Maybe because there are nearby ships for orientation and the ships are moving really fast relative to what's nearby? ... I don't know for sure why, but whenever I am trying to fly around in Elide Dangerous I'm inverting horizontal.

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    hmm sounds like you may have some doubl bound issues my advice get just outside station
    and unbind all movment control pitch yaw roll the lot everything yaw into roll ect so ship wont move at all
    then attempt to program just one movement at a time and check it for cause and effect on ship before reprograming next movement control
    remember pitch is up down or inveted down up(vertical)
    yaw is turn left or turn right(horizontal)(turns slowly)
    roll is self explanatory and I would imagine better off consigned to buttons somewere if using a mouse
    personally I use a two stick bog standard cheap x box controller which I find excellent for this game and the mouse for the map navigation as it is far more efficient for this pupose but to each there own preference