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Thread: Pretty up your game - For Newbies

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    Originally Posted by Spaceman Si View Post (Source)
    I tried this last night, with my DisplayPort connection to my 4K monitor, and it improved things considerably! I know it is supposed to be HDMI only, but checking the custom settings of the GTX1070 I have showed it was going along with a more limited RGB range by default. Enabling the full range made a big difference, and I spent even more time just drooling over the scenery than I usually do

    I also increased some texture map sizes, (ref: slightly old, but very relevant, and more so today with the 10 series GTX cards that seem to swallow this whole) which further added to the eye-candy wow.

    I spent about an hour at ROSS 154 watching the sunsrise over Aster, with Merlin in the frame off the port bow.

    Hopefully it won't be long before I can get the last mats I need for my G5 FSD jump range engineering, and I can go out of the bubble in style
    I tried these out too this evening. I'm now sitting in orbit on the dark side of a ringed planet and just admiring the view. I've just added some real bite to the game with these two changes.

    Thanks for the link!!

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    Thanks for this!

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    I thought I might just add this in for others as extra info about making ED look great,

    I use a Phillips 43inch monitor with a AMD FX-8350 water-cooled and overclocked to run at 4400+ MHz paired with a single RX-480 GPU running at 1400 MHz.

    The monitor does not support Freesync but works ok with AMD's Enhanced sync using Catalyst software drivers.

    I have no reason to exceed 60fps because the monitor is not a true gaming monitor but it is a true 4K monitor that is using 1.2 display-port cable and mode. The cable needs to have a 1.2 rating to get 60Hz.

    I have turned my settings to use 14000k col temp, 0 brightness, 64 contrast, 100 sharpness, smart contrast ON, and I will use game mode or I will use economy mode to make the backlight less at night.

    I get a good dark black space background with the stars twinkling but if I want an even deeper black then I have to increase contrast at the compromise of the look of the menu screens. I also use Catalyst to further tweak levels to my personal preference.

    The shadows on stations are realistically darkened but it seems some ships have better headlights than others.

    The overall character of the settings gives ED a dark sci-fi movie look with a bright dashboard.

    My average FPS is between 40 to 60 depending on the scene but it is always playable and sufficient.

    I play with the monitor on a swivel mount at 3 feet away and super-sampling is at 1.0 while ambient occlusion is low, Bloom at medium and most on ultra and middle sliders. The game seems to alter my custom setting to this when I log back in even when I tone down supersampling to .85 which means less than 4K.

    The effect is great and very immersive. i will only notice some frame skips when panning if I look for it but in general its pretty good for a 43 inch monitor. I don't think I could game any other way as the smaller monitors seem insufficient becaus I have gotten used to my mini Imax.

    The PC build is over 5 yo with some slight upgrades but its pretty good for ED.

    I modified a cheap rocker recliner with twin Thrustmaster flight sticks mounted on the arm rests and I can recline and swivel and also have a bass heavy surround sound. Its like a simulator using this method/rig and only VR would probably bring the next level to it.

    I also have a small 1080p monitor next to it so I can use Inara or YouTube.

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