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Thread: FIFA World Cup

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    Amazing willpower from the Croats, and in the end a deserved win.

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    Congratulation Croatia, a lesson in finishing.

    Mind you England aren't coming home, they have to play in the most pointless game in the tournament.

    But you know, despite it all ...... we still believe

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    Originally Posted by encrypted View Post (Source)
    Well, that was unexpected, but it's England's own fault - nothing since 10-15 minutes, just occasional crosses forward with no destination.
    It was the passes back that were worse, a number of times the defenders were putting pressure on an already pink faced Pickford with silly passes back to him inches away from charging Croatian strikers. There was one moment towards the end of the second there were four really stupid passes in succession that you wonder how Croatia didn't seal it then.

    I'm Welsh and even I was screaming at the screen...

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    It was coming home, but decided to stop off in Paris and get really drunk.

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    Gutted but the better team won.

    Still proud of the lads, did a lot better than the last time. Come on the euros in 2 years time.

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    I'm reminded of the 5th form chanting in the school pub all those years ago

    "Win or lose we're on the booze..."

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    Congratulations Croatia.

    You saved us from a zenophobic English press by first defeating Russia. If we had played them in the semi final, the papers in the UK would have been an even bigger disgrace in their anti russian coverage leading upto the semi.
    Now you have saved us from having to play the French in the final, which would have resulted in hackneyed and cliched anti french retoric that the press are so happy to parade whenever the UK and France have a disagreement on something.

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    The sad day has arrived. I think so many were looking for that show down between the Mighty Lions and France in the finale and having it all brought back home to England. I still hate the French, so I'll be going for Croatia, despite them destroying our dreams today...

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    I am sad for the defeat of the England team

    Where was Harry Kane ?

    This Croatian team is made of steel.

    The French will have to be very vigilant

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    Even I watched it last night, so thats the first time in two years Ive watced some footie, next one is in four years right .

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    Originally Posted by ianw View Post (Source)
    Anything can happen in the final but France must be favourites .

    Allez les bleus!

    The Croats have a revenge to take against the French on the 1998 World Cup (Croats eliminated in the semi finals by France).

    The Croats have a very good team today.

    But they have one day of less rest, and they played 3 matchs of 120 minutes consecutively.

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    Originally Posted by IamMe View Post (Source)
    Croatia will wipe France easier than England......
    Good luck Belgium for third place!

    Goooo Croatia!
    Here a Belgian who does not like the English people and also especially the French people

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    Originally Posted by Remus View Post (Source)
    Well, look at that !

    We DO have Croats in here
    Perhaps an embittered Belgian ?

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    @khaos526, If your English, you are probably French (descended from), 1066 and all that etc (History and why the English language has so many French words in it). So don't hate yourself!


    Anyway what a blinder of a free kick from Trippier! Something he won't forget in a hurry. And that first half we looked really dangerous, Kane nearly had a superb chance a few feet from the net etc. England were looking the better team up until half time.

    Then it all fell apart really, very ragged and once Croatia equalised you could just feel it in the gut, and the English players started to panic (terrible back passes from the defence! Long balls most of the time etc). They are a super young team and will just improve, so a team for the future that can say they made it to a world cup semi final

    Croatia never looked great, in a fluid smooth attacking way, and it was surprising how little Modric (their stand out world class player) was used. But what heart they showed, and maybe it was that difference in age and experience that was enough. I don't think it will be enough against a good French side though, but anything can happen in football.....

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    Originally Posted by amigacooke View Post (Source)
    Mind you England aren't coming home, they have to play in the most pointless game in the tournament.

    But you know, despite it all ...... we still believe
    This is the place on the podium !

    The bronze medal !

    The third best team in the world !