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Thread: How to fix Engineers powercreep without upsetting those who grinded for it?

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    I've mentioned this many times, so once more won't hurt.
    Maximum 3 engineered items allowed on a ship at one time.

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    I think Blizzard covered the power creep issue when they said stats are just numbers.

    Also -

    Extra Credits: The Trouble With Expansions and Time -

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    If frontier want this game to last forever, they have to realise that to keep people playing, they will have to keep producing new stuff, content, ships etc, and that for people to feel like they are progressing not standing still, older stuff will have to become obsolete to the people who have completed that content.
    take wow for example, lvl 110 people have content geared towards them, and they have totally outgrown lvl 60 content, but the lvl 60 content is still there, for the lvl 60 people. i personally wish they had made someone in an anaconda be simply unkillable by someone in an eagle, but made content for each, anaconda people, eagle people. imagine pirates, aliens etc, that would simply destroy an eagle in seconds, but someone in an anaconda would have a chance at attempting.

    if i was in a car, i shouldnt have any chance at hurting someone in a tank. in elite, if the car attacks the tank long enough, it would destroy it.

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