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Thread: Lesser-used exploration ships?

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    Originally Posted by Mengy View Post (Source)
    I'd say the Asp Scout. Simply because no one flies it anywhere.
    Uh, nobody told me before I flew one all the way out to Beagle Point.

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    I like the Asp Scout too, although I must admit to have used a *cough* Asp Explorer mainly.


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    First exploration jaunt I took (back in the day) was in my Viper.

    No idea what the jump range was, but one day I just thought "let's try some exploration" and off I went.

    Probably did about 5-6k round trip ... must have been good as I now spend most of my time out in the black.

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    I've done my exploration in a MkIII, Python and Clipper.

    I've still not even tried an Asp or Anaconda...

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    The T7 is slowly gaining some traction, but I'd say it's still very much a minority.

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    I've been from Colonia to Sag A* in a Fer de Lance. IT is a marvellous ship for exploration. Although it lacks optional internals and jumprange. I enjoyed all 842 jumps


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    Clipper, Beluga, Orca - for thy style

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    I wonder how the FSD boosters will change the usage charts though. Maybe something will catch up to the DBX.

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    Originally Posted by Friedenreich Xante View Post (Source)
    With Engineering, there are only few real anti-Exploration-ship (if I dare put it that way). Like Vulture, SideWinder, FDL, and I don't dare to say Corvette because there seem to be some Hype around it lately...
    Provided you don't intend to neutron boost, FDL could be pretty good.

    Scanners in the two small slots, SRV bay and shield in the class 4s, scoop in the class 5 for the usual exploration FSD+1 sizing ... and you can still get 30LY+ range out of it, plus a clear cockpit view.

    (Vulture is similar but you only get one SRV)

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    Been exploring again the last few weeks in a T-7.

    Very good exploration ship and looks the part as well.

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    I enjoyed exploring in both the Viper MkIV, and the Cobra MKIII.

    Good solid cheap options.

    I took a FDL on the silly ships. It performed well, although i managed to destroy it twice....Not the ships fault, it made a very good exploration vessel as outlined in an earlier post.

    I always found the Eagle cool for simple bubble exploration. size 3 scoop, SRV, and the two scanners. for just hopping round in the bubble, scanning areas, and doing the occasional data drop. Lack of shields was not issue if you are bubble running, as you can repair pretty easily when you muck up. eagle can add extra hull with the armour military slot, and military armour(again in bubble range not so important).

    Exploration is a state of mind, and seeking out the unknown. The bubble still holds many secrets, and loads of places I have not been.

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    I use the imperial courier to explore, can get over 40ly with SRV.

    Would recommend mass manager experimental effect as deep charge does not plot FSD boosts due to low fuel.

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    After a longish trek in the horse head nebula in my Cobra MkIII, I've just returned to swap it for a Cobra MkIV, allowing two extra slots, one for an AFMU and another for a repair limpet controller. Now fully self sufficient.

    Frame shift drive charging.... 3.... 2..... 1....

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    I went to Colonia in an engineered Vulture with a 31ly jump!

    Was a long... long... journey. But fun

    edit: was pre-engineer update