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Thread: FD Pleas PLease Please FIX THE BLOODY MISSIONS

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    Originally Posted by B1rdy View Post (Source)
    Stig, sometimes I wonder, do Wing assassination missions work for you?
    That's a good question Birdy. They do work for me, in fact I find it most efficacious to equip guardian weaponry for them in a ship that I have engineered both under V1 and V2 engineers. Black Friday paintjob of course, perhaps a cobra IV would be also be a good choice.

    I've never known one go wrong GG.

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    Originally Posted by Dizzy B High View Post (Source)
    Yes i am here to moan and groan.

    So bored with doing delivery missions passenger and cargo.

    I have no choice every other mission on offer is bugged to the point i am losing the will to live.

    Pirate missions go get some gems of some dude in a T9 with god knows how much leather and fish on board and the 4 tonnes of gems.

    35 hatch breaker limpets and NO GEMS DROP jump out restock with limpets find the mission SS 25 Limpets later he drops 1 tonne of Gems.

    Back out to restock limpets, mission fails because i ran out of tome even though in the Missions panel it says i had 2 days to do it.

    Same crap with hunt pirate missions hundreds of pirates scanning me from the faction needed but no MISSION TARGET tag on them so it doesn't count towards the progress.

    Its just soul destroying FDEV, why can't you code this to work? Is it cos people stopped sending you free pizzas and you dont give a damn anymore?

    Fix your game.
    On a lighter note, salvage missions work just fine.

    Esteban's Salvage Service: "Because someone's got to clean up your mess."

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    I completely agree with the OP.

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