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Thread: Second accounts/Cmdrs

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    Originally Posted by Ronzer View Post (Source)
    My thing is that I dont want to have to make a second email address.
    If you're using Gmail you can get away with having to create a new email address by just putting a dot in your existing one when creating a new Frontier account. Gmail ignores dots, so for example if you originally registered Elite with commanderthrust@gmail, use commander.thrust@gmail for your second account, or even Different addresses, same mailbox.

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    Originally Posted by Rock Hunter View Post (Source)
    Iím really enjoying ED after nearly six months and doing a little bit of everything is a great way to keep things fresh but thatís the one thing thatís keeping me from doing what I expected Iíd do before actually playing the game. Namely, exploration. Or rather long term, long distance exploration.

    Iíve heard various people talking of getting another copy of Horizons for a second account and using that to have another Cmdr and perhaps a primary career such as exploration.

    My question is simply how do you do it, how does it work with your first account and as a steam user is it a simple process?

    The only other alternative I can see is building a combat, trading and mining fleet to take over to Colonia giving me a base further out, but that still means a huge journey back just to take a break if Iím pottering around on the other side of the galaxy. Not to mention the credits and materials for engineering that fleet
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    Originally Posted by Ashnak View Post (Source)
    Then you're stuck. FD uses your email address to distinguish between your accounts.

    As for the original question: since at that time I read a lot about problems with switching between CMDR acounts (like having to enter the email confirmation every time), I did it the (what it looks like now) probably most inefficient way: I set up another user account on my PC, with a fully seperate installation of ED.

    Well, not that seperate, apparently - ED still tells me that I can only run one launcher on my PC, no matter which account.
    Perhaps not a well known feature, but gmail accounts (maybe others too) let you append +anything to your address, so you can make up as many arbitrary email aliases as you want for each separate commander. Example:

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    Originally Posted by Greylock View Post (Source)
    NOTE: The annual Steam Summer sale is in ONE WEEK!

    Look for huge discounts on Elite and Horizons both on Steam AND Frontier's store.
    Picked up my second account this evening with 40% off. So I’m now set for a dedicated explorer account...once I’ve earned the cash to upgrade the FSD on my loaner Sidewinder. I’ll be intrigued to see how different it feels to ‘start over’ now that I have some knowledge of the game. Not that I’ll be abandoning Cmdr Rock Hunter, just enjoying not having to travel back to the bubble because I feel like doing something different for a bit. I also plan, if I can only stick to it, of keeping engineering to a minimum.

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