Hey folks, I'm Echoes of Old, one of the Admins for Ursa Ultra. We're originally a Warframe clan, but have recently branched out into a couple other games, Elite Dangerous being one. It's been a big hit with the few of us that are into this kind of game, and we're looking to expand into it even further.

We're a Discord-based, PC Exclusive (for now) clan that focuses on community and camaraderie, opting for a more PvE oriented playstyle (though I feel like this has a lot to do with PvP being trash in our other games) with extremely sparse public PvP. This said, however, we've been discussing getting into PvP bounty hunting to compliment our various exploration and money making outtings.
If you're looking for a crew, we'd be honored to have you along for the formative sessions of our Elite Dangerous wing!

To join up, simply PM me here, on Inara: https://inara.cz/cmdr/50468/

Or join the wing directly (also on Inara): https://inara.cz/wing/3631/
Alternatively, just reply to this thread and we can get you hooked up with a Discord link!
Fly Dangerous, commanders!