If you are looking for a chill gaming community for Elite: Dangerous who have been around the game for one and a half years now, we might just be the player group for you. Our main focus is getting people together, to do stuff ingame. Be it combat, exploration, trading or just simple flying around in cool locations, we aim at maintaining a friendly and non-competitive environment for weekend games and casual Elite players. We also give our best at supporting new players and giving them a place to learn the game and earn some good credits.

What we offer:
->A built out discord server with bots, roles and channels for almost all your needs
->Ingame minor faction outside of heavily populated space
->Veteran Players with over 4000 hours of combined play time
->Ranks and cool colours to show off
->Non-toxic environment with a “real-life-comes-first“ attitude
->Roleplay for those who want to participate
->Complete guide for new players
->GalNet widget to keep you updated on the news and happenings
->Custom Missions and rewards
->Group events

What we are looking for:
->Maturity (required age to enter is 16 years)
->New players who want to learn how the game works
->Veterans who are looking for a chill group to hang out with
->People who have experience with discord administration
->People who like to play games outside of Elite too
->People who want to help a community grow larger
->People who have ideas and are innovative (meaning they want to host events)

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/6HbnUEt

o7 CMDR CrimsonRyuu