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Thread: T- Rex Wrong Dimension

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    Brachio was about 4-5 stories tall, you could compare that to in-game buildings i guess?

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    Originally Posted by tranquochuy View Post (Source)
    The stats of Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, T-rex:

    As you see, Spinosaurus's length is 15m (in fact the length is between 14-16m -> ok), weight should be about 9-14 tonnes
    Giganotosaurus is 12m (too small), weight should be about 8-9.5 tonnes
    T-rex is 14m (too big), weight should be about 8-10 tonnes
    You can pretty much ignore the in-game weight values (they are pretty random and don't correlate well with the size of the in-game model), but the in-game length and height values are quite believable compared to the models.

    Honestly this shows pretty obviously how the T-Rex is too big. Yeah, Giga should be upscaled a tiny bit, but the main issue is Rex being a Godzilla.

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    The thing about the Giga at the moment it contradicts Jurassic World lore in game. So the Indo-Rex was giving Giga DNA on top of it;s base Rex DNA so that'll it'll grow bigger than the Rex. If the Rex towers over the Giga why bother adding Giga DNA to the genome. So in the Lore Universal set out the Giga should be bigger than the Rex.

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    A 14 m T. rex is not unrealistic :

    - Thomas Holtz, T. rex expert, said we can expect specimens 15-20 % larger than Sue.
    -we have several specimens (Wankel, Tristan..) which died at 17-18 years, had still to grow and yet were already 12 m and Sue's bulk.

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