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Thread: Can't get 5 stars on Isla Muerta/Restaurant Glitch

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    Can't get 5 stars on Isla Muerta/Restaurant Glitch

    I can't seem to get a 5 star rating on Isla Muerta. According to the ratings tab, most of my guest needs (such as food, drinks, transport) are by 60%.

    I have built as of now some 8 fast foods and 5 restaurants, as well as many clothes and gift shops but nothing will go beyond 60/70%.

    What should I do? I have 5 hotels in that same island.

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    hi, maybe it helps.
    press the Eye Button and switch on Food, Drinking ... Look for Red Spots than you see where is needed. (mostly by viewing Platforms and Hotels)
    When you have already optimised it and no red Spots, than look after the Staff Personal in the Stores.

    When that all not help then i don't know it what can it be.

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    I found out today that it doesn't matter much, how many fast food stores and restaurants you have. It matters much more where they are. It seems like a couple of buildings, like hotels, viewing galleries/towers ... set the demand for food, drinks and shopping and therefore the food has to be near each of them.

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    I'm having a lot of trouble, too. I unlocked everything else on the island, I'm just having a hard time getting up to 5 stars.

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    pretty every hotel and attraction needs to be blue (yellow in my experience is also fine with 1 or 2 buildings), check for those colours in the management screen. atm i got matanceros, muerta and tacano at 5 stars, currently working on pena (almost had it at 5 stars but those missions required most space so i'm currently deleting everything and restart from an complete empty island). best is to make an area of services(food, fun, shopping) and nearby those the attractions, on matanceros it's easy, visitors don't mind walking a big distance, on the other islands there a bit more lazy and prefer to keep things closer.

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    The 3rd tab down in you menu will have a view for every category that goes into your parl rating. It will show by color where your guest need what. Blue is good to yellow to orange to red. I used this menu for food and shopping and spread my shops out. It wont seem like much distance but in the game it can be. Within 10 mins of replacing some shops after using that menu I hit 5starts on the first island.