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Thread: Slowing down game speed

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    Slowing down game speed

    Is there anyway of slowing the game speed? I'm finding my Dino's are dying before I'm getting to research a bunch of them. Literally got 9 Dino's and the first ones are dying already of what seems to be old age

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    No the game has no speed options.

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    As Lora has said there currently is no option for this. I know a few members have suggested this to be added to the game so maybe in a future update we'll see it?

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    You can make dinos live longer by increasing their lifespan stat through gene splicing. I know the bat, shark, and mantis shrimp ones are pretty good ones you can get early on. Also, I have found that cheap dinos don't live as long but are essential for getting that initial cash flow so once they start dying off try to focus on upgrading their genetics or stocking your park with more expensive dinos.

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    I have moved this thread to FAQ's & How Do I... since it is not an introduction. If you have any more questions, then feel free to create a new thread in the FAQ's & How Do I... section.