I'm not certain on what to classify this as but it maybe the game or just windows been windows. Just wanting to share.

Playing the game late at night, just unlocked Isla Pena and jumped over to grab the Concrete fence, then back to the 3rd island. Did all missions apart from the last security missions. All going well so far, suddenly i noticed my gadgets had frozen (CPU, GPU, Network and Data/Time etc) but the game was running fine.

I tried clicking on my desktop, nothing, typical ctrl+alt+del was unresponsive. Hmm (also tried accessing CMD, restarting explorer.exe but the PC was effectively locked down), so i saved the game and restarted my PC. Around 11:30pm at night but i was worried about my progress. Error came up saying corrupt save and forced me to start from just transferring to Isla Pena. I retraced my steps for an hour and basically got all my progress back now but that corrupt save sucked and the game's kept me up until 12:30 midnight for a second day in the row with 24 hours in the game already. Thoroughly enjoying it.

Whilst i understand this is probably rare, very uncommon and has a 50/50% chance of been the game or windows updates and i must add my PC isn't one for throwing issues at me often as i keep it fairly well maintained but when i turned my PC off at midnight it did have a windows update, so i'm starting to put a few things together. Thought it maybe worth bringing up to you guys, not enough evidence to say it's anything wrong with the game so won't report it as a bug.

Are saves done to the cloud? I assume the PC locking up meant even when i clicked Save Game, it just couldn't do it or if it did, it had no chance to upload it to the cloud?