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Thread: PC 1.2.1 Update

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    Originally Posted by Jules1111 View Post (Source)
    My game still crashes before I even get to the main menu.
    You PC might not even be able to run the game your current specs.

    Check their minimum, and recommended settings to see if it is your PC.

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    Does anyone know if they fixed the arrow keys to be able to move the camera up and down? left and right worked, but up and down just moved the left menu build icons up and down, not the camera? I am not home so I cannot check. Does anyone know if you remap the arrow keys for movement of the camera if it works now as it should?

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    WASD to move the camera around.

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    Originally Posted by NuttiKrust View Post (Source)
    WASD to move the camera around.
    I understand that, if you rebind them to arrow keys, up and down didnt move the camera like it should. I was wondering if this was fixed, not worried about wsad, i dont use those keys.

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