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Thread: Wanted / Chance of AI aggression?

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    Wanted / Chance of AI aggression?

    I'm wanted in a particular system, I'm not sure why, I did a surface scan job and I'm used to getting the 12 minute fine thing, I've done hundreds of them, but this time around I've ended up with bounties. Have the mechanics changed? I've not been on for a while.

    Anyway my question is this, I have more surface scan missions to complete, I've done a couple with the standard amount of aggro, but when trying to complete the last two a rather feisty Viper turns up and starts having a go. Is there a calculation over how likely this chap is to turn up? Time in system, activity in system, anything I can gauge my popularity on when I descend to the surface?

    Many thanks.

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    I don't remember ever getting fines for surface scans.

    Bounties yeah.

    And bounties don't time out anymore.

    Have a look around for "crime and punishment"

    New system for it.

    If your wanted, ships will attack once they scan you.

    The viper is probably a defence ship for the area.

    You'll probably have to destroy it and gain a larger bounty to complete that mission.

    You can pay off bounties on your "hot ship" (bounties are now on ships, to simulate being able to throw off the cops by changing ship) by taking the hot ship to an interstellar factors contact which can be found at many low sec, and all anarchy stations.

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    It's completely idiotic. If you have a bounty *anywhere* in the galaxy AI bounty hunters will interdict you every 3rd jump and risk millions of credits and waste tens of thousands of credits in ammo to collect on your 300 credit bounty.

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    Originally Posted by tclancey View Post (Source)
    I'm wanted in a particular system, I'm not sure why, I did a surface scan job ....
    If it's a private beacon you'll get a trespass fine. Find a nearby Intersteller factor thing and just pay them off.

    *Edit - to answer your question - I've been doing a few of these recently, and I've not had any trouble with bounty hunters. I think because they're just fines.

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    It used to be just a fine, but now you get bounties on you nearly every time, which has changed the mission a bit. Now, you scan the beacon, get the bounty (assuming that it's a private beacon, get out of there as quickly as you can, and instead of going straight back to the station, you divert via an Interstellar Factor to clean your bounty.