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Thread: Report Observation & Suggestion

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    Report Observation & Suggestion

    Masrani Global Corporation Report v 1.0 06/14/2018

    First name: Raptor
    Last name: flight
    Fonction: Observator Investment

    Here are my conclusions after finishing Jurassic World Evolution, for future player and especially dinosaur enthusiast, an update of the game is indispensable in order to correct errors and other bugs.

    "...A good game is a game where you can do a lot of things!"

    1 - Cameras for shooting vehicles, photos, rifles and dinosaurs:
    The cameras take view are slow and heavy, a simple rotation becomes a horror to be taken in hand, to correct imperatively!

    2 - No lethal Ammunition & recovery team:
    In JP operation Genesis the player could choose silk to use hypodermic cartridges, silk from gun cartridges. ... Personally a dinosaur that escapes from its enclosure, and that kills visitors I will not let it continue so without reacting, I wish the addition of lethal ammunition, moreover if a visitor is lost in my park, I wish a recovery team as in JP Operation Genesis.

    3 - Infrastructure & vehicle destroyed by a dinosaur:
    I would also like to see in this game the vehicles destroyed by a dinosaur when it attacks, and the infrastructure damaging when it escapes and attacks.

    4 - Care for visitors there is no? :
    I came across a rather strange scene, one of my Raptor had escaped and started attacking my visitor, unfortunately two visitors died on the aisles of my park, once the alert was lifted, the other visitors walked on the corpses of both Visitors dead!

    "...In real life all theme parks on teams and care Center for visitors, so thanks for the added to the improvement."

    (Bonus Extras)

    5 - Surveillance cameras:
    In the game I have not seen any surveillance cameras it would be nice to add them and control them as in the movie!

    Animation & Graphics:
    "...Everything is in the smallest details, ...Yes the smallest details!"

    1 - Security Bunkers:
    The security bunkers (unlike JP operation Genesis) have an animation when the doors open, I'd like to see also this animation with other door in this game.

    2 - Fencing:
    Well I do not know where you found the different fences,... but these are not the fences there of Jurassic Park, there is Jurassic World, so please correct this error.

    ...In conclusion a good game but that needs to be improved before adding new dinosaur.

    Report v 1.0 06/14/2018
    Transmission Complete

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    Please post your wishes and feedback in the pinned wishlist here.