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Thread: Ive got lags when building

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    Ive got lags when building

    Hello dear support,
    I like JWE and I enjoy it very much. But Ive got a problem. As soon as I select any building I like to build, my framerate drop from constant 60 fps to 30-40 fps. When the building is build my fps get normal again.
    So my issues just happen when I select a building place.

    My PC specifications are more than enough to play this game so I was wondering if this problem can be fixed

    Sorry for my maybe bad English

    Greetings from germany

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    Hey Todo_Bien,

    To confirm when building a structure a number of animations play and assets are imported however on higher-end machine this should not have as much an impact as stated, could you please make a post on the bug section of this forum so that our QA team can look into this further for you, in the meantime could you please try lowering your graphical settings and seeing how this goes? (just to test temporarily if there is an issue with one of the higher texture etc.)

    If you could then update the bug post with the outcome from this that would be fantastic

    Thank you for bearing with us during this launch period of our game and I can assure you that we are working tirelessly here at Frontier to tackle these issues as they occur.

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    It happened to me as well on ps4 yesterday. Only when I wanted to build something.