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Thread: Which other dinos does a T-Rex attack ?

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    Which other dinos does a T-Rex attack ?

    Got my first T-Rex and i wanted him to have a nice lunch, so i breeded him a diplodocus.
    Unfortunately it seems he doesn't engage the diplodocus. He's now chasing him through the entire area, roaring to him and then looses interest for a couple seconds just to start chasing him again. The diplo's panicing everytime (and so forgets to eat at all lol) but despite that it looks quite funny watching a diplo "running" away in slowmotion from a T-Rex that's it.

    So i wondered, what are the biggest dinos a T-Rex is going to engage at all ?

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    My T-rex has killed and eaten both Brachs and Diplos, in addition to every other available species I've attempted to place in his enclosure.

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    some couple work like the T-rex with velociraptor, big carnivores can be put with small carnivores and some herbivores can be placed with small carnivores.

    on the other hand, large carnivores seem to kill all herbivores without exception, but I have not tried all the combinations yet.