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Thread: Weapons no "auto" fire

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    Weapons no "auto" fire

    hi all
    not sure if i have hit a key stroke but for some reason my weapons buttons (using a controller) are no longer firing fully when holding down either of the fire buttons, they are firing only on pulling and releasing the trigger rather than on holding it down, i have full pips to weapons. not so much a new player as i have spent many hours BH etc but i am guessing this is a very NewComers problem that i just haven come across before. ( Multi canons and Pulse Lasers )

    any ideas are very welcomed


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    Hi, there is no in-game "Auto" Fire for non-turreted weapons but turreted weapons can be made to act that way. If I read it correctly you may have changed the Turret Fire Mode setting.

    Under the right hand panel/ Functions tab there is a "Turret Fire Mode" with 3 settings. If you are using turreted perhaps you accidentally changed the setting or somehow it got changed when you were in outfitting? This is my understanding of the 3 settings:

    "Forward Fire" : Basically turns them into fixed weapons but with the lower DPS of turrets compared to the equivalent fixed version. They will not "Auto Fire" in this mode.

    "Target Only" : Only fires at a valid hostile target but will try and keep firing as long as there is available weapons charge, ammunition (if needed), a target lock and is not powered down or damaged too badly. Depending on the weapon and possibly engineered induced jitter, they won't always hit the target especially if you and/or the target are fast moving plus when any chaff it launched is active.

    "Fire At Will" : Any hostile target will be fired on (once you pull the trigger) if the weapon meets the above criteria regardless of your current hostile target.

    So if someone has all turreted weapons there has been plenty of discussion in the forums as you cannot fire on a non-hostile target, (if you want to do piracy) unless you change to fixed then mess about switching it back. Not good in the heat of combat!

    If the above doesn't apply to you then perhaps reinstall of the controller drivers to see if that fixes things.


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    It might be a controller setting.
    It's been a long time since I did this but I seem to remember different types of input being available for button presses such as 'Pulse, Hold, Press, Release'
    On my system these settings are in a separate file with the suffix .fcf

    If you've lost the .fcf file (or your equivalent) I suppose it may be possible that the controller is using inbuilt defaults with different button actions.

    Just a guess.

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    have you changed you guns recently?
    they do work in different ways