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Thread: Binding Loading Failures Fix!

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    Binding Loading Failures Fix!

    For all of you experiencing heartbreak at not being able to use binding files that are in their proper directory, I have isolated the root of this problem. If you are unable to use your Flight stick, or your controller or whatever and they are in their proper directory [Users>appdata>local>Frontier Developments>Elite Dangerous>Options>Bindings] this should be a fix for you.

    I had this problem for months and finally today I checked the Binding Loading Failure Message and saw that all of the messages were "Failed to find GUID xxxxxxxx"
    These numbers were all the same but applied to multiple binding files, so sure enough I copied that number and searched for it in the bind file itself using notepad++

    Sure enough this GUID was a controller. I never made these binds for the controller, however it was plugged in at a time when i edited or saved my flight stick controls, so they automatically saved into it.

    The problem was that now that there was a controller in the mix, ED would not pickup the binds because the controller wasn't plugged in. Dug it up and plugged it in and could use my binds again. From there I deleted all controller controls and unplugged it, and viola I could use the binds again without the controller. As far as I can tell this GUID doesn't change from mouse to mouse, unable to tell if it does from controller to controller. GUID does not change based on USB port used.

    Please use this to help yourself, and extrapolate in this thread if you find more solutions.

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    Hi Lukiepookie,

    Thank you for creating this post, its always fantastic seeing members of this community helping one another

    Hopefully, it will help players who have experienced a similar issue to yourself