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Thread: Feedback on fixing the gameplay!

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    Feedback on fixing the gameplay!

    Just a few very big changes to the current game.

    1."Automation" Please fix a solution for your brain dead Rangers and Asset Containment Units.
    -So let me get this straight you hire a bunch of rangers but they won't do anything or even roam around in the park to make sure everything is alright?!? they won't do anything unless the player orders them to do so...

    Early on in the game i can understand this interaction... but when you have a park with 250+ dinosaurs things spirals super fast out of control.

    here is a solution. Provide a "Control room" that you can unlock later on in the game. and have its upgrades determine what the player prioritizes.
    as example
    -"Automatically Stock food supplies"
    -"Automatically disease control"
    -"Automate shelter guests when storm warnings"
    -"Automate repair and escape protocols"
    -"Automate finance market" (making shops automatically adjust themselves so the player earns maximum profits whenever it can.)
    -"Automatically sabotage control"
    -"Automatically genomes" (Send out expeditions and extract genomes)
    -"Automatically Incubate dinosaurs upon death" (Keep a habitat with the same dinosaurs as the player had so wished *UNLESS their SOLD*(this would give "Selling" option more meaning))
    -"Automatically clean up dead dinosaurs" (but lets be more realistic... you already have dino "Welfare" implanted but don't use it... if i dinosaur is becoming old you remove them from the park before dying no guests wants to see dead dino's)

    So my idea is... you have a "Control room" building and you select what every upgrades you find most important as the player maybe a maximum of 3 things.
    this building and upgrades would be unlocked slowly as you progress through the game obviously.

    please allow us to set hotkeys such as .. we select ACU(building or helicopter directly) and we hit Ctrl + 1 now whenever we press #1 that building or helicopter is selected.
    And also for the rangers of course either for each individual car/jeep or the building and then selecting it.

    3. Unlock the Camera.
    Please unlock the camera permanently in options. it very frustrating to keep seeing the same animations over and over again.
    Things such as Dino's being released, or when selecting a building the camera automatically pans over to the building or location when i select Acu or Ranger station i don't wish to pan over those buildings.
    make it optional for players to unlock the camera forever with every interaction.

    4.More detailed interactions between the game and the player. So in other words Ai Overhaul + interactions.
    4a. Group dino's such as Velociraptors should Attack/Hunt in groups/packs and coordinated on other dinosaurs or even guests.
    4b. Social dino's Such as Parasaurolophus or Chungkingosaurus need to stick together more often then running to opposite ends of their pens.
    4c. Ai needs to become so far adjusted and reworked... that dinosaurs stick in groups and find their most ideal location within their habitat.
    - This would mean that if someone takes Half of a island and just creates a giant habitat and would have made several different areas
    (ex. one area with lots of forest and water other just dry plains with a bit of water and then plains and forest.)
    -Dinosaurs automatically go to those locations they desire most and stay away from predators.

    This game has great potential for sure!
    But because of the lack of details and attention to the wrong things the gameplay heavily suffers from it and some people are noticing it.
    I really wish things would be adjusted and re-worked BEFORE other wish things would go into development such as Day and night cycles, Or adding on more dinosaurs.
    The main gain of this game is to have a successful park and as many dinosaurs and visitors alike. AKA Management.

    The ratio of Price of this game is too high.
    This game sells for 60 euro's while it has the gameplay of Mobile platform and the Ai interactions was done by a student who is still learning C++ and the animations was done by a group of people who watch the same movie every single night.
    Too much repetitive things aka copy-past same code over and over again. either this game was rushed out the door or the budget wasn't there for a big development team thus in turn the price tag of 60 euro's doesn't suit it. maybe for 20~30 euro's it would be acceptable.

    Please continue development on this game and with each update slowly add more animations (especially for fighting) and more ai interactions between dinosaurs.
    so we can setup a T-rex + raptors and they would actually give players a convincing show instead of a 1 on 1 repetitive pokemon fight.

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    Please post your wishes and feedback in the pinned wishlist here.