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Thread: Let's Save Sandro!

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    Originally Posted by Max Factor View Post (Source)
    That is pretty much my thinking too. There really is not much to lose by pushing PP to open.
    In a game with a dearth of engaging mechanics, more things with an actual reason isn't a bad call from the developer. It's been five years; change won't always be welcome, and won't always work. But they really do not have anything to lose at this point, and a hell of a lot to gain.

    It's a bold decision. About bloody time. More please.

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    Originally Posted by Brian of Ardagh View Post (Source)
    Saw that movie when I was stationed in Hawaii and on a date with my soon to be wife. She didn't enjoy it as much as I did but we are still together after 25 years.
    We're going in to get the men who went in to get the men who went in to get the men.

    It's an awful movie. Just atrocious. Which is why it's brilliant. 25 years is a good innings, sir. She must be tolerant as hell (ducks). o7

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    Originally Posted by V'larr View Post (Source)
    I entirely disagree with that view. As Mengy said, perspective. Though I'm sure Stigbob will readily start dismissing my view too.
    Since you've gone straight down the "GAH HE'LL DISMISS MY VIEW" path without explaining what it actually is or why, you are right I've dismissed it. Not because I'm being a meanie but because you've chosen to opt of even putting it forward, making me think it's a very weak argument.

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    Originally Posted by Mengy View Post (Source)
    Hah, I do this with the 2008 Speed Racer.

    Saw it in the theater and hated it, then later bought it for $3 on blu ray in the Wal Mart clearance bin to give it a second chance, still hated it. Now I just have it to pick it out when my girlfriend asks "what movie should we watch" so I can get a rise out of her. Worth the $3 just for that.
    Always buy comedy bad movies from the clearance bin, we hide the DVD where the other will find it as a modern day adaptation of "Don't wash I'm coming home".

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