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Thread: Park Capacity besides Hotels?

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    Park Capacity besides Hotels?

    Is there any other way to affect the capacity rating aside from building hotels?

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    I believe manage your staff helps as well. But Hotels are the best way

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    The guest management on capacity seems a little weird at the moment as it feels like it's just a numbers game. I could be wrong, as I haven't tried a number of different things but on Tacano I had a hotel and it moaned at capacity problems so I checked the shops and most of them were full so I upped the staff numbers and my park capacity then went from poor to great

    but then at some point I had the same issue and I couldn't up the staff anymore so I thought, I know what - I'll put another identical shop across the road (fast food) but I placed it down and no one went in it. My capacity was still poor but no one used the new shop, even when I gave everything away for free

    So it seems that up to a point you manage capacity based on shop staff, then you add a hotel, then you add more shops, then again a hotel. But it does seem janky at the moment

    The other thing that I did think was weird was I had one viewing platform well out of the way of everything and it was moaning about needs so i put down 4 different shops next to them, they were all instantly full with 3 staff members in each. So apparently that viewing gallery had somehow spawned over 1500 people near instantly