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Thread: Request: fix spino and rex size

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    Request: fix spino and rex size

    I love this game but they deliberately shrunk the spino. look at the info on the spino it says the spino is 3.9 meters high which is incorrect because every other form of jurrasic park media would tell you the spino is almost 6 meters tall(5.7) I'll leave a link below to an official poster. this shouldn't even be an argument at this point, in the movie (jp3) alan grant shouts out that the spino IS bigger than the rex, so why don't we just move forward and fix this yeah?
    leave the evidence down below. also accordin to jurrasic park lore, the T-rex height is supposed to be 4.4 meters tall, not 5. so that should be changed as well please. official jp height chart also down below.
    spino height:
    rex height:

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