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Thread: Dinosaurs die too quick for my liking.

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    Definitely Aging too fast

    I got my park on Isla Nublar set up, and began cranking out dinosaurs to fill it up. I still have empty paddocks to fill and some of the first made are dieing off. So its looking like a endless round of creating dinosaurs. Even a friend, who doesn't play the game, asked what fun there was in having the dinos die so fast. Its not, and I cant enjoy my park if all im doing is endlessly creating more dinosaurs.

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    Replacing dead dinosaurs doesn't hurt your finances and is an extremely simplistic and boring, mind-numbing task. We are talking about a dinosaur park on an island. In terms of management, there would be a million things you'd have to solve at the same time. Much more interesting and complicated things then replacing dead dinosaurs or refilling feeders. Having an option to modify the lifespan multiplier is a great idea.

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    Originally Posted by JoshG View Post (Source)
    My girlfriends daughter named my four Raptors. What am I gonna tell her now? Lol
    At least you won't have to flush them..

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    Originally Posted by Murdoc81 View Post (Source)
    At least you won't have to flush them..
    The look on the poor childís face when they finally add the mosasaur and you have to flush ďMomo.Ē 😢

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    A few nights ago I was playing in Sorna. My Gigantspinos realized they were down to 2 members and decided to break all hell! Banging at fences, people running and screaming, what a sight!! They finally got out and bulldozered into the crowd. One Styraco from that paddock saw the opening and slowly walked to it, paused at the path and took a few steps toward freedom. As I clicked on it (her) to tranquilize her, she collapsed to the ground, dead of old age!!! Her last wishes was to die among people, not in an enclosure..
    RIP STY004

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    I pick the genes that increase lifespan. The dino becomes expensive and hatch rate goes into the negatives so I make sure a hatchery has 3 3.0 success rates equipped. That gives them a chance to actually be made. It gives me many many hours of playtime with them.

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    Lifespans... why?

    Originally Posted by JoshG View Post (Source)
    First of all, I really like this game. Iíve been playing it steadily and not progressed as much as some people, but Iím really enjoying it so far. But my god one thing is frustrating me, the dinosaurs die way too quick. Iím finding myself removing the dead carcasses, repopulating the enclosure, then after that, another few dinosaurs will die. Im just constantly repeating this process.
    Absolutely agree with this. Generally Iím really loving the game, parks are beautiful, characters are cool. Dinosaurs LOOK awesome (thanks Nick and team) but itís exhausting trying to manage any large number of dinosaurs. And I donít think itís just the lifespans:

    - breed standard dinosaur herd
    -dinosaurs die really quickly
    - breed modified dinsaurs. Dinosaurs take much longer to incubate and fail.
    - adjust the hatchery success rate.
    - literally takes half an hour to breed a large herd because you only have two breeding spots.
    - try and build more incubation labs. No space because they are gargantuan.
    - finish breeding dinosaurs for one paddock, dinosaurs in another paddock die.
    - raptors break out
    - fix raptor breakout. Now your herbivores have gone MENTAL because theyíre one short of their social need.
    - tornado.

    I say it because I care (!) but yes it gets quite exhausting.

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