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Thread: The Chapter Two Treasure Hunt Competition

  1. #16 "Sharpe Works" PLEIADES SECTOR IC-U B3-1
    PLANET 1
    LAT: -85.76
    LON: -4.94

    Me in the krait in the middle, friend in his T9

    (Just err... ignore the FPS counter in the bottom right)

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    Fazendo uma visita em Sharpe Works quando um Thargoid aparece escaneia Octavius-1775 e comeša a atac

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    Not a serious entry, but whenever I look at the Challenger from above...


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    Lets book a spot, why not





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    ohoho feel free too rotate dangerous

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    Originally Posted by Ozric View Post (Source)
    Interesting... I'll do my best!

    I must admit I got excited when I saw the thread title and thought we were finally going to have another Billionaire's Treasure Hunt! But it is just a photo competition, which is great, but not a Treasure Hunt.
    Yes I thought that this was a treasure hunt too, thinking that the title 'The Chapter Two Treasure Hunt' was meant as a clue that this might be a treasure hunt. But it is just a photo competition for paint jobs.

    However, I cannot take photographs of the new features of Chapter Two. I'm an explorer tens of thousands light-years from the Bubble, the new features of Chapter Two are entirely irrelevant to me, and there is no reason for me to return to the Bubble for them. And any paint jobs I might have won should all have been free and player-customizable anyway. So a photo competition is not great. It is lame. And trying to pretend that it is a treasure hunt is even lamer.

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    My entry.
    Gathering materials to make the Krait even more awesome.

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    Originally Posted by Dutchman141 View Post (Source)
    My entry.
    Gathering materials to make the Krait even more awesome.
    Sold! One Vibrant Yellow Krait paintpack to the man standing at the back.

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    Originally Posted by Adriano tavares View Post (Source)
    There is an issue with Imgur and your photo is not showing. Because of that I switched to Flickr recently.

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    Colonia commanders need not apply

    ​No Challenger

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    Wait. Do we need four images or is one good enough for an entry?

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    Deleted as I'm submitting my 4 entries further down the thread...

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    Originally Posted by Vardaugas View Post (Source)
    Wait. Do we need four images or is one good enough for an entry?
    I read it as meaning a portfolio of the four different subjects:

    We want to see your best set of photos highlighting some of the amazing stuff the Chapter Two update has to offer! To enter, submit four (and only four!) screenshots showing:

    • An Alliance Challenger
    • A Krait
    • A Thargoid (any type but bonus points will be given if you show one of the new Scouts!)
    • An Installation