Buckyball Racing Club presents The Black Riband Rebooted
A Standing Challenge for Smugglers

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So What is the Black Riband?

As a promotional stunt in the run up to their 3301 Bootlegger Challenge, mobsters Anthony 'Fat Tony' Lonnegan and Enoch 'Little Nuk' Lonnegan, aka 'The Lonnegan Brothers' created The Black Riband, an award to be held by the 'Fastest Smuggler in the Galaxy.'

But Tony and Nuk enjoyed the whole Bootlegger Challenge so much that they decided to keep the Black Riband going, turning it into a standing challenge.

The original Black Riband ran until June 3304, however participation declined over the months and years, law-changes meant there wasn't much actual smuggling involved, only highly engineered DBX and Asp-X ships had a chance of holding the record, obtaining the required commodities became easier and the corporate government of Weyl Gateway even shut down the local black market.

So the Lonnegan Brothers went back to the drawing board, rebooting the course so that smuggling into six systems with black markets is required, the potential of interdiction and attack by both other commanders and 'buckyball fans' (npcs) is higher, and a knowledge of the effects of the background simulation on rare availability and faction type of legality is beneficial. Mandatory pre-declared start times and a 24 hour cooldown will also make every run a one-shot Ironman challenge.

The new event also includes separate awards given to those who prefer non-engineered ships and recognises the classic Cobras and Lakons favoured during the early days of rares trading and smuggling, so it's not just for ships with explorer in their name any more.

Fat Tony and Little Nuk Lonnegan

Yeah, yeah, so what's the deal this time?

To liven things up the brothers have:
  • Made deals with fellow mobsters in six popular systems around the bubble to ship large consignments of rare contraband directly into the system's main station
  • Arranged with eight different small scale gangs to provide shipments via dead-drops within the tunnels of two unauthorized installations
  • Tipped off the freelance pilots of the targeted systems that all the smugglers will broadcast their starting times before running
  • Assured the local security in Alacarakmo that they are completely 100% legitimate business men now, and that their runners will return with large shipments of fine goods.
  • Installed extra-large screen holopanels in the Sports Bar / Weyl Gateway and the Official BRC Fan Club / Rahu 1 so that everyone can sit back and enjoy the carnage.

A History Of The Black Riband:

The Black Riband originally ran as a part of the Lonnegan Brothers' 3301 event The Bootlegger Challenge. The Black Riband required commanders to collect eight specific commodities whereas the main Bootlegger Challenge allowed a choice.

After the two week Bootlegger Challenge ended, the Black Riband continued, with runs being accepted right up until the launch of this replacement event.

Prior to the switch to this rebooted event, the biggest change to the Black Riband occurred during the summer of 3302 with the introduction of engineering. At the time the Black Riband was held by commander furrycat, who's 51m12s run in the DBX Black Riband had stood for several months. At the time of the switch to the rebooted Black Riband commander furrycat's run is still the fastest run in a non-engineered ship.

The final holder of the original Black Riband was commander Bruski, who made his record run of 33m23s in his DBX RazorBear on 28-AUG-3303. A list of all holders of the original Black Riband is inside the spoiler tag below.

Original Black Riband Holders

Record Times By Class

For a full history of the Black Riband, see these threads:

For the Black Riband there is one combined leaderboard with no distinction made between ship classes and engineered / non-engineered ships, all runs must also be in open mode.

However, a selection of honorary awards / titles other than the Black Riband will be made for valid Black Riband runs made with specific restrictions, eg non-engineered runs (see THE AWARDS below).

These awards also include a couple of separate events run alongside the Black Riband: Little Nuk's Booze Cruise Challenge for those who dare to transport passengers while making their runs and the return of the crazy Mrs Lonnegan's Ulitimate Spa Weekend Trophy.

For commanders who prefer a shorter, less complex race then try the Bootlegger Express.


The legacy holders of these awards are the commanders who had the fastest run from the original Black Riband or Bootlegger Challenge events that met the award criteria. The legacy holders will be replaced by the first valid runs on the new course.

The 'Ultimate Spa Trophy' route hasn't changed, and so the original leaderboard and Drakhyr's record are carried over.

The Black Riband
The main event - awarded to the fastest run.

The Classic
Awarded to the fastest run in a non-engineered ship.

The Cobra Challenge Cup
Awarded to the fastest run in Cobra Mk3 or Mk4, this can be either engineered or non-engineered.

The Cobra Classic Cup
Awarded to the fastest run in a non-engineered Cobra Mk3 or Mk4.

The Lucky Lakon Trophy
Awarded to the fastest run in a Lakon Type 6, 7, 9 or 10.

The Zammo McGuire Memorial Shield
Awarded to the fastest run that does not involve the transport or use of narcotics – just say no!

The Bootlegger Express
A shorter standalone challenge, for commanders who find Black Riband too complex, or those who just fancy a quicker run.

The Cobra Express
Awarded to the fastest Bootlegger Express run made in a non-engineered Cobra Mk3 or Mk4.

Little Nuk's Booze Cruise Challenge
A standalone challenge for valid Black Riband runs made whilst transporting passengers.
Points awarded for speed, passenger satisfaction, booking numbers and luxury.

The Mrs Lonnegan's Ulitimate Spa Weekend Trophy
The return of the (surprisingly) popular crazy standalone event from the Bootlegger Challenge – a must for Hutton Truckers and Netflix fans everywhere. Collect commodities from four of the most isolated outposts in the galaxy and give Mrs Lonnegan the weekend she deserves.