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Thread: i JUST thought of something..

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    i JUST thought of something..

    in the first movie, they said they were feeding the dinos a mineral that if they stopped eating it.. they would die did rexy survive?

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    He kept it in his pouch.

    Has anyone else noticed the similarity between a T-Rex and a Kangaroo - this confirms it.

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    As Dr. Ian Malcolm so famously said, life finds a way.

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    Jurassic World Evolution Moderator Lora Craft69's Avatar
    Yes they needed lysine to stay alive, but in the second movie John Hammond said that the Herbivores ate plants that contained the lysine and the Carnivores ate the Herbivores.
    That's how they survived.

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    Ah yes... the Lysine Contingency. What Lora Craft said.

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    what the movie (and the book) kinda messed up is that all animals get lysine from their diets. They didn't need to engineer them to be lysine dependant. But they didn't anticipate that the animals would be able to find lysine in the wild vegetation.