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Thread: How much of a priority do y'all think dino AI is?

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    Originally Posted by Funderbunk View Post (Source)
    Am I the only one who finds this game's version of socializing a bit... creepy? It's like they're plotting to take over. Do any real animals 'socialize' by standing in a circle and making noises? Other than us?
    You should read what I wrote about that yesterday in the wishlist! I studied animal behaviors and this is not realistic.

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    Originally Posted by Funderbunk View Post (Source)
    Am I the only one who finds this game's version of socializing a bit... creepy? It's like they're plotting to take over.
    Bwahaha cannot unsee. It does look quite ridiculous.

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    Originally Posted by MarcWP View Post (Source)
    Just curious, but why should this be the case?

    And if they need different AI for all dinosaurs, I'm so happy I don't work at Frontier. Haha. That would take FOREVER to implement. They could've given us half the dinosaurs instead and make them more individual though... Would be a way to work around it.
    With their timeframe this request would be impossible.
    Thought about u the other day marc. I dont know if u heard. But a jaguar escaped its pen at a zoo in louisianna. Killed 7 other animals. A couple foxes, emu, some lamas i think. Supports your view of non stop predator killing. I still dont want my dinos to behave this way in my game i want them to behave in an OG way. But i thought you'd like to hear about that proving some of your opinions. : )

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    Originally Posted by Aramus418 View Post (Source)
    And that hunting animation where the herbivore doesn’t run: it’s an ambush. The game would be great with more animations to depict more situations, but what’s there is a good start. Watching Dino behavior, there’s a point where a “Roaming” carnivore is obviously showing special interest in a specific prey individual- JPOG labeled this same behavior “Hunting”, while JWE lumps everything that isn’t an immediate interaction with something else as “Roaming”- JWE only says “Hunting” when the decisive moment has come, in which the hunter had positioned itself about 30 yards directly behind the target. In this case, the herbivore doesn’t run in time because it has been ambushed: in nature, this is usually the only way most predators are eating today. Adding versions where the prey gets away will help a lot, but I think this is a good start.
    I sort of get what you're saying about ambushes, however I must disagree. Sure it looks fine if the prey hadn't seen the carnivore before or it wasn't moving before, but when the prey was running for its life 2 seconds ago and then suddenly has a mid-run lobotomy, decides to just stand perfectly still doing nothing, and doesn't notice the loud footsteps of a T-rex walking behind it it can look pretty ridiculous. In real life gazelles don't stand perfectly still when a cheetah attacks. In many videos I've seen they have to chase the gazelle a short distance before actually catching them.

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    Scientific Accuracy

    Originally Posted by slapnut1207 View Post (Source)
    I hope it's a top priority along scientically accurate dinosaur skins and a option to disable pronating. Because the dinosaurs are
    currently boring and lacking due to their ai. Since carnivores are too aggresive, lack of herding and people really wanted a complex
    dinosaur ai.
    Feathers on existing species aren't going to happen and they shouldn't. Dr. Wu clearly stated in JW that many species would look far different than what they currently have if their genome was perfect. It was also addressed in the canon Jurassic Park: The Game and is an ongoing issue with the methods used by InGen. the pronation of the wrist I don't see as affecting gameplay or AI at all. Its just a nit pick really that is another result of InGen playing God and is also addressed in the films as being a result of non-pure genomes. InGen KNOWS this and went ahead anyway. It was made clear in Jurassic Park The Game when Dr. Laura Sorkin wanted to wait to clone until they had full genomes but InGen shot her down and went with Dr. Wu's method which involved short cuts.

    Feathers and non-pronated wrists violates every bit of canon we have to go on so far. That, future species like Therizinosaurus or Utahraptor could have feathers due to the same reasons but I wouldn't expect it on any existing species. It wouldn't make sense in canon and its not a big gameplay breaking thing.

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