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Thread: Translation of the five deaths

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    Translation of the five deaths

    As a native English speaker, and not knowing much in the way of spanish or its variants, I was curious as to what the five deaths actually mean when translated, if any of the below is wrong, let me know and please answer those I don't know:

    Isla Matanc(c)eros - Suicide Island
    Isla Muerta - Murder Island
    Isla Pena - Pain Island
    Isla Tacaño - Barren Island ( This one comes up as Stingy or Miserly, but I dont think this is the correct translation in English in keeping with "death", one cant die for being tight-fisted, So I'm assuming that Tacano is related to starvation or lack of resources?)
    Isla Sorna - I don't know does this have some meaning?

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    Sorna is Spanish for sarcasm.

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    I’m not a Spanish speaker either, but I’ll share what I know (or at least my understanding);
    -I’ve always seen Matenceros translated as “Slaughter”
    -“Muerta” is just “death” itself, I’m not sure what the verb for “to murder/kill” is but this doesn’t look like a verb.
    -My understanding is that they are called the 5 Deaths because of the Native American legend involving them, but the Spanish names for them are not tied to that legend. However, “Barren” still seems acceptable to me.
    -I think Pain is what google translate spits out, but I recently watched a YouTuber who’s accent made it clear to me they knew Spanish and English was their second language- they referred to Pena as “‘Punishment’ or ‘Sorrow’”. That makes sense cause it’s probably from the same Latin root English gets “pen”, “penal”, and “penitentiary”- Pena is Alcatraz for your most dangerous experiments.
    -Crichton in The Lost World book offers “Sarcasm” as the translation, but the above mentioned youtuber translated the word as “scorn”.

    I don’t remember the guy’s name but there isn’t a lot out there so YouTube search lore on La Cinqo Muertes and you’ll likely find it.