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Thread: Post your simpits!

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    So much ingenuity around here, it's awesome to see.

    I'm a bit time constrained, so I've assembled, rather than innovated. There's a 2dof attachment/mod available for my pit, but the expense makes it a bit of a show stopper. There's still some room for improvement in my PC, so that's where my cash will go this year. Longer term the plan is to add a buttkicker or equivalent, maybe VKBs throttle, if and when it appears, maybe swap out the three monitors for a single, curved gaming job. Hi res, high refresh.

    But that's a long way off. For now it's high time I worked on the aesthetics- tidy up the wiring, maybe paint up some Delacy graphics?

    [IMG]IMGP0261 by William Clement, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]IMGP0275 by William Clement, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]IMGP0276 by William Clement, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]IMGP0277 by William Clement, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    Originally Posted by Bill Clement View Post (Source)
    I wish my setup was in such a playable state again! ^^ I hope when it's done, there won't be much tidying up to do though, since it'll be in a box. Which makes a tiny bit of progress every couple of weeks.

    It's a dirty hack from a mixture of T-slot profiles from the previous build and wood, to get it into a boxy shape.

    Update: Some of the walls and the keyboard holder attached to a cheap VESA mount on an adjustable arm.

    Edit: Interior painted in a middle/silver grey, exterior glazed with a dark grey/brown. Both needs a second layer, but the race against incoming autumn weather (rain/cold) is on. Will probably have to move it all back into the apartment and slowly continue work on this bottom part when weather and time allow for it. The lit with the monitor will only realistically get done next year and requires the bottom to be complete and hardware to be installed in order to determine how much space is available.

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    Still not really started on my promised 'proper pit' build.
    But had to adjust my throttle stand to accommodate the new arrival

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    Not your Armpits

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    Lower part of the sim chest is taking shape. Time for the winter break though. The extremely dry weather even up till early November this year was a blessing.

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    I used the Ikea HOTAS stands. Laptop stands, actually, I just didn't attach the tabletops and used industrial velcro to attach the HOTAS to the stands.

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    Now that's a button box !

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    I know that Ikea Notebook table. ^^ Using their feet for HOTAS stands never occurred to me though. Kind of looks better than the actual table.

    About half a year later, the sim rig has progressed enough to be "flyworthy" again. But it's still unfinished and full of stopgap solutions.

    The hardware was temporarily put into it, but will need to be stripped out again to finish the body of the chest once I get round to it.

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    I wanted a very comfy desk, possibly with ergonomics somewhat like a zero-G style desk (Imperator?) bit that costs and arm and a leg.
    The best bang for my bucks was the Obutto Revolution. I love it.

    The screen rotates in all directions, seat is rail mounted and keyboard/mouse support is swiveling.

    I have the T16000M and throttle all mounted on poles bolted on the chair frame
    Keyboard, mouse and razer Tartarus keypad on the swiveling plate
    Buttkicker on the chair frame as well (using voicemeeter for mixing and equaliser)
    I also got the acrylic tabletops for Bose speakers and oculus sensors.

    That thing is ridiculously cosy. Lower back and neck support are spot on. Reclinable chair along with the extending monitor arm and pitch-adjustable gimbal makes for a semi-reclined position which is ideal for long sessions without strain on the back and legs.

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