PCA is an objectives-based wing
, and our CMDRs engage in power-scale BGS, PMF BGS, and powerplay. Pilots interested in joining will have the opportunity to become fluent in both powerplay and BGS mechanics through their participation in our projects.

Our roster is dedicated to Patreus, whether through supporting our faction in the Senator's domain, engaging in power-scale BGS, or moving merits in support of powerplay operations.

We support the Duke Alden Rowe's Praetorian Curiate Assembly of SPOCS 900, building a high population, asset-rich faction with a diverse economy. Every new system and station are part of our story, with news articles and roleplay marking major events. We're still building our lore and encourage our CMDRs to participate. Check out our Documents page for more.


  • PCA shares the Patreus discord and so is part of the Patreus community.
  • We protect Patreus systems through fortification.
  • We attack Federal systems through undermining.
  • We grow the Empire through expansion.
  • We participate in the wider organized Imperial powerplay community.

Power-Scale BGS:

  • We install patronages and feudal factions in Patreus space.
  • We protect favorable governments by monitoring Patreus control spheres for conflicts.
  • We reduce the credit cost to defend Patreus systems through our good work.


  • We promote the Praetorian Curiate Assembly of SPOCS 900.
  • We conquer systems, seize assets, and plan expansions.
  • We participate in a shared story and encourage roleplay.

While we are focused on setting and achieving goals, we have no activity requirements and encourage all of our members to play at their own pace, whatever that may mean! PCA will give you direction and knowledge, but your time is yours.

Interested CMDRs should contact Misaniovent, either via this thread, inara, reddit, or discord (add Misaniovent#2576). Please be prepared for a brief interview.