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Thread: PC player looking to exp game content.

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    PC player looking to exp game content.

    Hello all . I know the title is a bit vague, let me explain.
    I've been playing solo for a while now and never really done any thing with the community.
    Have only just found engineers and never been to any alien sites.
    Made my millions in pve bounty hunting asteroid fields.

    Looking to branch out. not interested in pvp.

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    i'm happy to fly with you. What time zone are you in and what platform do you fly on?

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    what's good man would love a wingmate for xeno hunting, ready to smash out some thargs.

    hit me up

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    The Patriarchs are a Community open to ALL Platforms, designed with the Working Man in mind. We are a Casual gaming community for Husbands, Dads, College Guys, and Career Guys simply trying to balance Life, Work, Wife/Girlfriend, Class, and maybe a couple kids. We understand if you can't always be on or make an event, and with us, it won't be held against you. We're AWESOME like that! The Patriarchs are an Alliance based PMF, but it doesn't matter how you play the game. Exploring the depths of Space, thinning out that nasty nest of Pirates, monitering Thargoid activity, Trading, Mining, or simply shuttling passengers to new destinations.
    Due to our natural casualness, we have very few guidelines for membership:

    1)Be A Guy over 18
    2) Keep Language As PG As Possible (kids could be present)
    3) ‎Join Our Wing on INARA
    4) ‎Use the free Discord App for community discussions.

    If you're interested in joining us, please PM me.

    Fly Safe Commander! o7

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    You want to see aliens sites, do all kind of neat stuff come and see us. We are a recently added player faction and want you to join us.

    If you are 21+ of age and want to have fun

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    Just a heads up to anyone reading this thread but they don't respond to PMs so yeah

    those 2 are probably just bot/spammer