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Thread: Unable to complete planetary scan mission

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    Unable to complete planetary scan mission


    Once (<1%)

    Time of occurrence
    9:41 PM PST (11:41 in game)

    Date of occurrence

    HIP 65636 A 1


    Ship Type
    Krait Mk II

    So I received a planetary scan job. Went to system, told planet, went to planet, found building. Circled base slowly, landed, deployed SRV. All good so far.

    Found data point (and lots and lots of canisters of BioWaste), scanned data point. Got logs from base, got intel package, got (bugged) mission offer (see other bug report). Didn't complete mission.
    I checked around the base, checked no other data points. (did some prospecting while on teh ground).
    headed back to the mission origin, mission still in progress.
    So I'm not sure if I missed something, but the mission seems stuck
    Screenshot of me at the base:

    PSN User: CoriolisAU / / b3hpcgb

    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Planetary scan mission
    2) Visit base
    3) Scan datapoint....

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    Hey nash,

    Thanks for the report.

    Sorry but did you get a screenshot of the mission details and of what you scanned?

    Any additional information would be much appreciated.

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    So revisiting the site and the missing continued when I scanned the data point on a second load.

    Images of the mission before I rescanned: