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Thread: Online survey about killing daylight savings in the EU

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    Originally Posted by Arry View Post (Source)
    This is not the actions of the 'E.U.', just some individuals who find DST inconvenient to them.
    Well, that's not quite what the OP says but even so, it does seem the European Union hasn't worked out that some of it's states are at higher latitude than others and hence some states more affected than others by a natural phenomenon outside even the EU's control. Not for lack of trying though I'm sure. <cynical o7>

    The fact that they didn't say, "leave it up to individual states" Spain is not the same as Sweden, and throw it immediately out of court, kind of says it all imo.

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    Originally Posted by Stigbob View Post (Source)
    Adjusting timekeeping to follow the actual day and night cycle of the planet is about as far from being bonkers as you can get.

    Originally Posted by Max Factor View Post (Source)
    For the UK it should be kept a GMT. No reason for the change as the evening are long and the dark mornings are short in the summer even if it's kept at GMT. Then the scottish farmers have nothing to moan about either.
    The problem with sticking with GMT year round is that most people (ie. not farmers) anywhere vaguely north in the UK don't see daylight after work at all in the winter.

    Originally Posted by Winterwalker View Post (Source)
    I always understood a safety aspect, to kids travelling to and from school, in the dark being a bad idea.
    This argument had been used to keep the status quo. Actually there's good evidence suggesting that dark mornings and lighter evenings lead to fewer accidents, leading to the theory that people are tired after work/school and having more light makes things safer.
    If we abolish time changes in the UK we should stick with BST, personal preference aside it's probably better for the majority.

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    Originally Posted by Stigbob View Post (Source)
    People find it to be mildly inconvenient changing clocks, without thinking the benefits through.
    There are no benefits. Only downsides.

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    Originally Posted by Zieman View Post (Source)
    There are no benefits. Only downsides.
    We should do away with leap years as well they are untidy.

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    Why would you do this? Who wants the sun coming up at 3am? Seriously? Unless you want to keep Daylight savings as normal time, which I'd be all for in Sydney...


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    Originally Posted by Shadowdancer View Post (Source)
    Which is of course completely bonkers reasoning because sunlight doesn't give a damn what's on the clock (nor, by the way, do cows or fruit), and it's dark in winter anyway. That's why I call for Eternal Summer.
    Erm.. the reasoning makes complete sense. Make use of the daylight hours when people are actually awake. which is not 4am, usually...

    If you want absurd reasoning, talk to some Aussie farmers...


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    They are talking about removing Daylight saving time in CA. I hope it happens.

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