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Thread: [44th] Vulture Syndicate is still recruiting!

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    [44th] Vulture Syndicate is still recruiting!


    The Vulture Syndicate is one of the many independent/unofficial Federal fighter squadrons and is composed of ex-fed navy pilots or independent pilots who have sworn their lives to the superiority fighter that is the Vulture.

    Along with all interested pilots, we will be roaming around the bubble as well as the large populated systems to take on any kind of contract in need of a squadron composed of pilots of one of the best fighters currently on the market.

    We strive to make populated space a little safer and the experience of space travel more enjoyable to each and everyone.

    Of course, with the recent happenings all around the Thargoid threat and their possible targets, we are planning on taking the fight to this powerful enemy whenever they decide to come too close to the core systems.

    We seek to provide a certain guidance, insights on different loadouts and tactics, a simulations (ooRP: private group) for training purposes, a well organized chain of command, pre- and post-flight briefings, coordinated wing maneuvers.

    What you get by joining:

    - A full support from the whole squadron (if available) in case of imminent or ongoing attacks,

    - Focused training with incentive on weaknesses and strengths,

    - A group of cool people to share your events, sightings, combat records, ideas and projects with,

    - A lead to follow when goals and reasons to head out seem to be lacking.

    Ready your Vulture, pilot!

    Show your skills!

    We are waiting for You!

    A few requirements must be met:

    - Vultures only!

    - only one or two ships can be a different ship and will be used as support and repair ship during longer engagements and cargo shipment.

    - You must prove your capabilities.

    - If you want to get better, or learn how to use the Vulture effectively, this group is also for you.

    - Discord app is a must have! (preferably a mic as well)

    Our main tasks will be Bounty Hunting, BGS manipulation (mostly home system which will be chosen once group is established), Player/newbie killer/griefer hunting, ensuring peace within Federal aligned systems.

    Also, no rank limitations required, newbies as well as veterans are welcome alike.

    Join us on Discord:

    Have also a look at our Inara page:

    Lets make the Vulture the feared swarm fighter it should be!

    Thank you in advance to all those interested!

    Fly Dangerous! o7

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    Updated and new website, now with comments and direct chat with one of our Officers!