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Thread: What inspires(d) your ships name(s)?

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    What inspires(d) your ships name(s)?

    Just interested and I apologise if this has been done to death a million times already...

    For me, it's sci-fi references and my cats. My spanky new Keelback is "Nala the Huntress" after the plethora of urban wildlife thus far presented: mice, birds, frogs, flies, ankles etc.

    My DBX is "Rameses Niblik the Third" but sadly there wasn't enough room left for "Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble?". Call sign is SMEHEE.

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    I give them names as they come up.
    "RCS Stardew" for my passenger Orca simply because it fits, "Hunk'a'junk" for the Gunship, because she always sounds like she's about to fall apart, My Cobra Mk.IV is "Century Kestrel" because she's almost a Millennium Falcon, and my Cutter's name is "Indestructible III", because, well, she's not.

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    My favorite ship usually receives the name Terrible Beauty. The name comes from a rather mediocre Sci-Fi novel I read some 15 or 20 years ago, but I've always liked that name, so it stuck. My Keelback is named Nidhoggur, in parts after the Nidhoggur-class carriers from EVE Online and in parts after the snake/dragon from Norse mythology. Depending on how many ships I have to name and since I am a history nut, I usually end up with a potpourri of mythological names (usually Norse, Ancient Roman/Greek origins) , basic Latin (Ars Gladii, Rapax, Victoria Victrix) or other historical references. Sometimes I also throw in some Warhammer 40k ship names for good measure That's how I have done it for the last 15 years in EVE Online and I think I will stick to it in Elite as well.

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    It started when i named my AspX (Pouncing Harrier II) after the character i played through the MGSV campaign (and many hours after) as:

    After that i just sort of stuck with the descriptor + bird scheme because i have a hard time naming things and a rule just makes it easier. Since then my ships' names sound like the MGSV name generator hit its head and also developed a bird fixation.

    a sample, fwiw:
    Hauler - Scary Canary
    T7 - Lossy Ostrich
    DBX - Helical Pelican
    Cobra III - Clerical Duck
    Krait II - Spiral Nightjar
    Anaconda - Earnest Turkey
    Python - Shaved Kiwi
    Viper IV - Dyspeptic Dove
    Orca - Arch Penguin

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    I haven't immortalised my cat yet, though he is on the list for a specific future acquisition

    Sidewinder: "Cinquanta" because of being not long after my birthday when I got hold of Elite.
    Cobra: "Daffodil" because she fits the "flower class" corvette model, and I like daffodils a lot.
    Asp: "Hecla" after Parry's command ship that made several significant voyages of discovery, including the furthest West in the North West passage in one season before Amundsen completed it.

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    My ships just seem to name themselves, I never try to pick one.
    If no name comes in a week or 2, it's a sure sign that the ship will soon be gathering dust.

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    I'm a bit warped;

    Vulture: "Nice Hooters" ..........Well it has two Large weapons
    Asp E: "Taxi with Legs" ..........58 ly jumps
    Chieftain: "Ribbit-Ribbit"......... Looks like a frog
    Challenger: "Pregnant Toad" ....Bigger than above
    Krait: "$hit Happens" ............. Well it does
    Python: "Ops My Bad" ........... I'm too quick on the trigger most days thus in trouble

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    Named my Fer de Lance after Goethe's famous drama, because it seems appropriate for such an excellent combat ship to bear the name of a fierceful medieval knight and and it's so damn fast, manoeuvrable and well armed that for the first time I felt to really be in a postition to use the (in)famous quote quite often.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm half swabian, but born in Frankfurt am Main (like Goethe).

    BTW the name of my cutter is Brave Sir Robin.

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    Some of mine are SF based names some have a personal basis for others all sorts of reasons.

    Chieftain - StarHopper based on a ship in an H Beam Piper novel and its frog like plan view.
    Dolphin - Streaker for the ship in the Uplift book Startide Rising.
    FdL - Aurora based on the name of a canal boat I had a holiday on decades ago Golden Dawn
    Challenger - Bovington well the Aliance ships seem to be named after tanks so named mine after the tank museum
    Python - Abdiel just after I first got it mines were very effective so named it after a WW2 minelayer
    Orca - Caroline Munro I got this ship during a CG about rum and she was the face of Lambs Navy Rum adverts way back when

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    I'm a dullard it seems, I went with Explorers for my...explorers, adventurers for my traders, warriors/fighter for my combat craft and a little daft for my mining ship.


    Ibn Battuta - Anaconda
    Roald Amundsen - Asp Explorer
    Marco Polo - Type 9
    Ranulph Fiennes - DBX

    Traders & Smugglers:

    Sacagawea - Sidewinder (Recon and route finder)
    Sir Francis Drake - Python
    Robert Clive - Type 9
    Sir Walter Raleigh - Krait MkII
    Jan Potocki - Cobra MkIII
    Isaac Gulliver - Dolphin


    Zhen He - Imperial Courier
    Yue Fei - Chieftain
    Eugene Criqui - Viper MkIII


    Arthur Scargill - Imperial Clipper

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    Originally Posted by Rock Hunter View Post (Source)


    Arthur Scargill - Imperial Clipper

    The cat has just given me a filthy look for waking him up with laughing

    Did the ship go on strike every so often??

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    Mine are named after

    1) Ships of the Caledonian Steam Packet Company and it's successor Caledonian MacBrayne

    2) Names of Clyde Puffers (with VIC numbers as ship IDs)

    3) Islands and towns of the West Coast of Scotland

    4) Ferries of the Clyde

    (Guess where I grew up and learned to sail. )

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    Originally Posted by Spaceman Si View Post (Source)

    The cat has just given me a filthy look for waking him up with laughing

    Did the ship go on strike every so often??
    It can't go past a burning brazier without marching, banner aloft. I thought about enhancing my mining fleet with a squadron of Imperial Eagles, obviously called the Flying Pickets, to defend him against the Federal Corvette I intend to build called The Iron Lady....and then I realised two things.

    1. I'd be making up my own Power Play background sim.
    2. I sound like a Thatcherite when I'm firmly anti 'the lotta them.'

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    By channeling my inner 14 year old....

    I have a Viper III called "Slithery End"

    A Cobra III called "Black Hole Sniffer"

    A bright red Eagle called "Scarlet Pumper"

    and a Keelback called "Breezy Block", so I broke my naming convention on that one.

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    I name my ships based on their purpose; something that captures their intent and appearance.

    My piracy Clipper: "Anathema"
    My PvP FDL: "Arbiter"
    My 'Vette: "Acheron"

    In retrospect, I seem to be very fond of names that start with the letter A.

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