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Thread: Source And Return Wing Mission Manual Poll

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    Originally Posted by Mole HD View Post (Source)
    After all the brouhaha surrounding this issue both on here and on the nerf announcement thread, folks asking FDev to leave the damned things alone...they're going ahead and nerfing them anyway. Server shutdown for a Nerf update announcement in game at the moment.

    Could FDev be any more disconnected from their playerbase than they already are?
    How do you know the server is down to “Nerf” game? I wish I had. pipeline to FD’s plannings

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    Originally Posted by jonluv View Post (Source)
    How do you know the server is down to Nerf game? I wish I had. pipeline to FDs plannings
    It merely stated server shutdown in * minutes for an update whilst I was playing half an hour ago (doing the very missions FDev are 'correcting')....the only announced update was the nerfing of the wing mission payouts. Didn't take a lot of working out really.

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    Yes - but too late!

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    Originally Posted by Darkspire View Post (Source)
    As these forums do not have polls I would like to do a manual community poll.

    I will keep the score, for and against. If anyone sees a mistake, shout!

    If you would like the wing missions left as they are then post a simple yes.

    If you would prefer them nerfed then a simple no.

    We can then determine by a vote what the majority of the community want, might not work but at least we can see the bigger picture, if it is an overwhelming yes then we need FD to take note of the post, if no then we all just put up with it (as per usual), if you don't say what you want then don't
    comment on the subject elsewhere if things do not go the way you want!


    Leave the wing missions as they are: 5

    Nerf the wing missions: 0

    Score tallied up to post #: 6
    I say nerf, I made enough for 2 anacondas in a morning, that can't be right

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    Originally Posted by john willi View Post (Source)
    I say nerf, I made enough for 2 anacondas in a morning, that can't be right
    And there's the truth of it. Sure, they were great for casual players, new players with established mates in game, or for grinders, but John's got a point. In a few very casual evenings of fetch & Netflix I made a minimum of 10X my normal credits/hr. If I had really pushed I could have done hundreds of millions per evening. With a bigger cargo ship... silly money.

    I hope they get balanced in a reasonable way. 45 million for 1200 X was absurd, 15 million... still a lot for wings (1 short run for 15 million each!) but great for solo. I reckon that's the hard part of the balancing - it would take me 5 runs to fetch 1200, so at 1 jump out & 2 jumps back 15 million seems about right (also I'm buying all the cargo), but in a wing it's 1 run each with costs split... not an easy balancing act.

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    There are those who I suspect wouldnt be happy until we have to pay the factions fer the privilege of doing missions fer them ^

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    I've just been back on...apparently from first glances, the only ones nerfed are the ridiculous 20-50 mil credit wing missions. All the smaller and lucrative 2-10 mil credit missions (solo) are still there...which is how I make my living in the first place....seems FDev missed nerfing the entire mission board like they usually do.

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    Originally Posted by john willi View Post (Source)
    I say nerf, I made enough for 2 anacondas in a morning, that can't be right
    So was that about 1.3 billion or just 250 million you made? The money to buy 2 Anacondas is one thing, the money to buy and outfit them is another.

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    Come on folks, we need to show FD what we actually want, plenty of folk expressed an opinion over the last few days, express it here!!!

    Yes they are nerfed but let us the community make a stand on this, it is ridiculous in both cost and time to get a good ship outfitted so we can actually play the game!!


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    Technically you can play the game just with a sidey, but that's another debate...

    I already voted yes, but I just wanted to know if anyone at FD consider some of the wing fetch missions I saw last night as being 'balanced'... 5000 of something for barely over half mil credits... who in their right mind would do that mission when the amount of credits it would cost to buy the something would far far outweigh the return? Utterly bizarre game balancing...

    I still love the game, but most missions I see nowadays are simply not for me thanks. o7

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    I was hoping to get one of my friends who has the game but hasn't played more than 40 hours back into the game with these missions, my intention was to get them out of the eagle that's limiting their gameplay without having to resort to bounty hunting as they find the combat uninteresting (which could be the result of them being stuck in an eagle, pure speculation though).

    One of the missions i saw was to deliver 1503 imperial slaves to a station in federation space for 50 million, considering that the cargo costs on average 16000 credits *1503 =24,0480,000 plus the potential rebuy of my ship 20 million =44 million plus any potential fines for smuggling slaves into a federation station at 700+ units at a time the rewards do not seem than askew for the payout, and that doesn't even account for the % that my npc crew member takes for the privilege of sitting in a station lounge.

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