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Thread: PCIe SSD

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    Originally Posted by lysan View Post (Source)
    So I'm wondering, do you really get any benefits using a PCIe SSD drive for games? or should you use it for the OS?
    I bought a decent 490 GB SSD, installed the OS on it and a couple of games, most of the rest of my apps (except Office) are installed on plain-old spinny-disks. I get good performance.

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    Originally Posted by Gortron View Post (Source)
    I switched to an M.2 Nvme Samsung Evo 256GB as my C: drive an Elite game folder and I certainly noticed a difference in VR. The stuttering when arriving at star port was far less prounced; it still happened but easily noticeably shorter.

    My new MB has PCIe 3.0 support.... gonna be good I reckon

    Could have a point, I have my main ED install on my m.2, cause why not.
    But in my experience, ED has been just as much vulnerable to networking issues than with anything storaged based.

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    Just remember when you get an SSD is going to help not just Elite but other games.

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