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Thread: Update 3.1.2

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    not even on the known issus list !!!

    how about fixing

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    A lot of newly reported bugs aren't on the known issues list yet though i'd assume that it will get updated in due time.

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    Neutron Star boost stacking is also gone...

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    Originally Posted by Tikanderoga View Post (Source)
    What this guy said!

    Payouts are only getting nerfed, requirements upped... this is supposed to be a game, not my day job.

    132 kills for a 5m payout?
    I don't know what the devs are smoking, but I sure want some.
    Or you get stuck with 541 kills with only a + rep or + influence or absolutely worthless materials and a base reward of 1.2 mil AND 90 percent of the pirates in the faction are not tagged as mission target AND scanning the NAV beacons fails 90 percent of the time AND the system doesn't have a res of any kind AND FSD inderdictor is completely out of range EVEN though it's A rated and cannot catch up because player supercruise speeds are dramatically reduce while npc supercruise speeds are dramatically increased and they highwake.

    Seriously FDev.

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