Hello All!

My name is Arburich, and recently (after a little over a year in the making), we finally got our faction into the world of Elite Dangerous!

We are the "We Got This Corp", found in the High Tech system G 139-50 and we are a small group of Elite Players that host ourselves under our umbrella group, "The Alchemy Den". We are looking for some new players that are willing to pickup an entirely new faction from scratch!

Not only are we fresh off the boat, but so is our Discord Server! We've spent the better part of our weekend fixing, polishing, and completely revamping her into a whole new lean, mean, family friendly machine!

Feel like earning a place inside our home? Then come on down! Most of us are CST right now, but the more people we acquire, the more we hope to change that up. We predominantly are making this an Elite Dangerous Group, but we do host a few other game chats in here, and new suggestions for more rooms are always open!

Can't wait to see you here!

Discord Link : https://discord.gg/jZMbsZj