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Thread: The Fuel Scoop - Has The Quest For Raxxla Petered Out?

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    The Fuel Scoop - Has The Quest For Raxxla Petered Out?

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    Opens just a blank white page for me. But rlly, just a link out?

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    Go into any hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy and you’ll always find them. Small groups of crusty old spacers, normally chewing or smoking some illicit substance, ink stains all over their fingers and never without some tattered notebook or scraps of paper, hastily scrawled with star-charts or riddles, long pored over and annotated with myriad spiderlike notes.

    These are the Raxxla hunters. They have been scouring the galaxy since anyone can remember for the myth that is Raxxla – supposedly a gateway to whatever your heart desires: treasure, knowledge, maybe even another galaxy. We here at The Fuel Scoop frequent such establishments and have noticed that these good old boys have been thinner on the ground of late.

    So, is the hunt for Raxxla over? Has the relentless optimism and enduring guile of these legendary treasure-hunters finally begun to subside? Has the universe’s flat refusal to provide even the tiniest scraps of evidence in recent times proven to be the nail in the coffin of the Raxxla myth?

    The Fuel Scoop refuses to think so. There has to be some enterprising pilgrim out there with the drive to pore over all the available evidence to winnow out what we don’t know and to finally solve this most enigmatic and enduring of mysteries.

    We are confident that one day we’ll have answers, the galactic community hasn’t disappointed yet. So keep hunting, stay optimistic and remember that there are plenty of things out there waiting to be discovered. You need only read and watch and hope.

    Chief Editor Focko Hoft, signing out.

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    - Has The Quest For Raxxla Petered Out?
    - What a silly question! Of course!

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    Sorry! Yeah this post turned out to be super low effort and got loads of attention! And yeah i even used the wrong link then completely forgot I even posted here. I'm getting better at this I promise!