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Thread: I killed my first CMDR last night

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    Justified. Would have been better if you lit him up with mining lasers on the way in.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    I'm not sure how it works but I thought it was only the combat rank which showed. If they were in a Type 10, is it not possible they were Elite traders or explorers?

    Personally I think it should be your lowest rank displayed on HUDs. That might make CQCC a bit more popular <grin>
    Originally Posted by rOmiLaYu View Post (Source)
    Eh...maybe. I was Elite in Exploration when I first went to Jameson. Anyone scanning me would have seen "Competent" as that was my combat rating at the time. He could legitimately be in the same situation I was in....
    Fair enough.

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    Originally Posted by Krash View Post (Source)
    Did station defense take you out or speed<100 save you from that fate?
    The speed at <100 saved me. I didn't even get a fine. All the station did was give me a collision warning.

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    You're not a griefer in my book. Griefers kill without any specific purpose, only to harm others. You had a reason. There is a small chance you may have mis-judged the situation, but that still won't make you a griefer.

    This whole episode reminds me of my first (and only, so far) PvP kill. It involved a lot more stupidity on my end, though. Shame the thread seems to have vanished.

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    Great fan of Brave Sir Robin myself, I did not shoot any other CMDR, not to mention kill one, yet. But now I understand much better what you are talking about and that blowing up other players can be quite appealing, because last weekend for the first time I had that itch to do just that. Here's what happened:

    I was doing evac missions at Metcalf Station in HIP 44811 system when I noticed a CMDR in a Type-6, who was also flying into the burning station. Polite as I am trying to be most of the time, I texted 'o7' but didn't get any reaction. OK, I thought, maybe he's to busy to answer and followed my own routine picking up refugees and deliver them to the rescue-ship. The next time I approached the station, the T-6 was back there, too. Again 'o7', again nothing in return.

    These events repeated about 2 more times, then I signaled to him:
    'Hello CMDR, maybe you're new and nobody told you, but not returning greetings can be considered rude by some CMDRs. o7'.
    And again, no answer.

    'You've been warned', I thought, 'next time you enter the station, there is going to be a big bad-tempered me waiting for you outside' and the next time I saw him enter the station, I placed my ship in front of the slot just outside the no-fire-zone, grimly determined to teach him a lesson. Scanning him while he was inside the station, I already had made sure I was not going to open fire on an unarmed man, so not being sportsmanlike seemed not to be very much of an issue. It still felt unfair, the guy was mostly harmless in a T-6 and my Python is properly engineered, but then again draining his shields should be enough to make a point. If he runs I'll retract hardpoints and let him go, if he is stupid enough to return fire: Hasta la vista, Baby.

    These were the things running through my mind while I was waiting for him.

    And then he vanished from my scanner. Me stupid idiot hadn't thought of the heatsink he certainly would eject when leaving the burning station. When I realized that and managed to reacquire him, he already had gained a distance of more than 5km, powering up his FSD. Putting all pips to engines and boosting I tried to close the gap, but it was already to late and he waked out of sight. That was the last time I saw him.

    Griefing seems more difficult than I thought.

    Lucky barsteward.

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    A little late on this, but now that you have a taste maybe here is where you are headed -

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    Originally Posted by CMDR PRJeff View Post (Source)
    A little late on this, but now that you have a taste maybe here is where you are headed -
    With the Thargoids on one side, humans on the other and me in the middle?
    Man, I love that movie.

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