Just checking my back of the envelope calculations here: you can have 20 Struthiomimus max in a total square area of 3700. The base rating is 6. Indoraptor has a base rating of 186, requires a 25700 square area paddock and has to live alone. Thatís (6 * 20) / 3700 = 0.032 rating per square area for the Struthiomimus, vs. (186 * 1) / 25700 = 0.007276265 rating per square area for the Indoraptor? If we max out the Struthiomimusí population comfort level, we need to increase the size of the enclosure and, in so doing, drop in base rating / area to about the same as if we raised maximum Deinonychus on their own (assuming Edmontosaurus as the extra species padding for minimal space requirement reasons and reversing it so that we have max social Edmontosaurus and pad it with Struthiomimus). So my next question: How much do I have to genetically boost the Indoraptor to compete with the base rating of the Struthiomimus? What if i genetically mod the Struthiomimus too? Iím guessing the only way to really make the Indoraptor worth having is by force feeding it other carnivores- something the Struthio canít compete with.

Of course weíve ignored the issue of diversity penalty but thereís a few species in the 1-3% rating / area range, as opposed to the 0.n% rating of the supposedly ďbig ticket assetsĒ like Indoraptor, Indominus, Tyrannosaurus, and Allosaurus. It just seems like, the way it is now, you can 5* it easier with low-quality dinosaurs - as a rule. Am I missing something?